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Tidy Your Spaces with the KonMari Method
8/1/2019 1:00:00 PM
KonMari Method

Chances are, if you haven’t KonMari-ed or taken on decluttering your home already, you’re at least familiar with Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method™ – whether through her New York Times bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or through her Netflix special, aptly titled "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Let’s take a look at this trend and learn what happens when you apply some of the top de-cluttering tips to your own life.

Marie Kondo’s plan is an approach to organizing that encourages a complete mindset and lifestyle shift – it’s not just a one-time decluttering or purge of your belongings. Inspired by the Shinto religion, Kondo stresses the importance of celebrating and treasuring the spiritual value of our belongings, regardless of their monetary value. There are six straightforward rules that form this method:

Commit yourself to tidying up 

Following this approach does take some commitment. Like any mindset and lifestyle shift, it requires time and effort.

Imagine your ideal lifestyle 

Imagining your desired end state will help you make the decisions you need to as you embark on your decluttering journey. Keeping that end state in mind will also help you with step 1, committing to the process.

Finish discarding first 

You’ll be tempted to cut corners and start organizing before you’ve assessed all your belongings and discarded those you no longer want or need. However, in doing so, you run the risk of having to go through this process again in the future – and you won’t have committed yourself to this mindset shift.

Tidy by category, rather than by location

 When you tidy based on location, there’s a tendency to clean up by shuffling items from room to room – which, let’s face it, doesn’t really help. Instead, Kondo recommends you clean based on category so you have an objective view of the belongings you have and the volume of belongings in each category.


Follow the right order

Saying goodbye to your belongings is hard. Kondo recommends tidying your belongings in a specific order, which is designed to hone your skills as you go through the process: clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous, and finally, sentimental items – because clothing is generally less sentimental, and can be easily replaced. Start with clothing to help you work on your skills in a low-risk category before moving on to items that have more sentimental value. If the above order doesn’t work for you, that’s ok! The key is to organize by category and start with a category that’s easy for you to tackle – then move on to the more difficult categories.

Ask yourself if it sparks joy 

This is the crux of the KonMari Method™. Kondo recommends holding each item in your hands and asking yourself if it sparks joy. This is your criterion for keeping an item. As you go through this process, you are deciding what to keep – not deciding what to discard.

Perks of the KonMari Method™

Can apply to our digital lives, ie cell phones 

        and social media.

Being organized saves you time.

You may begin to think of joy in new ways

Financial benefits – the process may help 

        you change the way you spend money.

Can declutter your mind and allows you to 

        focus on the important things.

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