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When Your Child Requires Hospitalization
7/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

When Your Child Requires Hospitalization

Having a sick child is one of the most difficult situations a family can go through.  Being close to a good support network can help alleviate some of the stress and difficulty that goes along with it. Also, having a safe and reliable facility to turn to when your child becomes ill is imperative. Lake Charles Memorial Hospital (LCMH) has the only Acute Care Pediatric Unit and the only Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in our community. 

 "Having a sick child in the family is a very stressful situation,” says Dr. Saqer, Board Certified Pediatrician and Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. "At that time, you need all the help you can get. We can do our part to reassure the parents when their kids are getting better, but you always need that family support around you.” 

Dr. Saqer emphasizes that not every issue requires leaving town for solutions. "There is a lot of care we can provide outside of a big children’s hospital. Obviously, they are a great resource, but not everyone needs to go there. If we can provide the same level of care within our community and keep the patients within their extended family and community for support, that’s a win.”

"A lot of our care [at LCMH] is acute care, meaning that we’re dealing with infections, viral pneumonias which were very bad this year. We see a lot of gastroenteritis and dehydration. We also receive a lot of heart failure patients and acute respiratory failure patients,” says Saqer. 

However, sometimes it may be necessary for a family to seek help at a larger children-specific facility. Children with long term chronic illnesses may have a specialized team at a larger hospital—but that doesn’t mean a local hospital isn’t involved. 

Because LCMH has a good working relationship with tertiary children’s hospitals, it’s not difficult for both hospitals to communicate and establish care plans for children who are returning home. While the team of specialists oversees treatment plans, patients may need to turn to Memorial when in need of acute care. With a team of experienced nurses and staff, Dr. Saqer and the Pediatrics team are able to stabilize patients and ensure they are able to safely get to their specialists, if needed.

"At Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, your child is being taken care of in a comparable situation, and you still have access to your home and family,” adds Dr. Saqer.

For more information on pediatric care at LCMH, go to www.lcmh.com or call 337-494-3000.

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