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Yoga Y’all New Yoga Studio to Open on Nelson Road
4/5/2017 12:23:23 PM

A single note of a melodic gong commences Miranda Fontenot’s Yin Yoga class. Quiet music with peaceful nature sounds plays in the background. Infused essential oils scent the air. "Namaste.” As she calmly voices instructions, Miranda walks among her students, helping them attain proper postures. She encourages them to relax into the positions.

Prior to opening Yoga Y’all, Miranda taught yoga at several area fitness centers, gyms, and a doctor’s office. She’s been teaching classes temporarily at The Majestic Hall at Walnut Grove, but she hopes to open her new studio at 3630 Nelson Rd. sometime this month. She says it’s important to have a dedicated place to practice yoga and that a yoga studio is "sacred space.”

"When you walk into a yoga studio, you take your shoes off. You treat the space really special. It’s a clean space. It’s quiet. Traditionally, yoga is a sacred practice.”

When her mother died in 2005, Miranda felt her mom’s guidance. "She told me to do yoga. After I started practicing, I understood. When I did yoga, I’d start to cry and release all these emotions. Yoga opens up the hidden stuff we tend to hold onto. Practicing yoga led me into a disciplined lifestyle. Yoga is more than just exercise. It’s a way of life. It’s a way to treat your body and a way to live your life that benefits yourself and others.”

People practice yoga for many different reasons. Miranda says a primary benefit is that it alleviates back pain. "Back pain is an epidemic in our society due to our sedentary lifestyles. Yoga counters that lifestyle and brings harmony into your body. It also relieves tension and stress, uplifting your mood.” Yoga also seems to imbue youthfulness to practitioners. Miranda, who easily looks a decade younger than her 28 years, says, "The day you begin doing yoga is the day you stop aging.”

She also says the greatest benefit of yoga comes from learning to practice yoga in your everyday life – how to be kind and friendly to yourself and others. "When you learn how to be kind to yourself on your mat, you can go out into the world and share yoga in that way. It is exercise, but it’s also a lifestyle.”

For more information and a schedule of classes, see her website, http://www.yogayall.com.

Yoga Y’all Offers Five Different Classes:

Ashtanga is a primary series of postures that come from the lineage, built by one of the founders of yoga. It’s a quicker paced vinyasa class. Vinyasa means "one breath, one movement.”

Vinyasa is a more upbeat class with flowing cardio movements.

Slow Flow offers unhurried movements and is good place for beginners to learn the yoga postures.

Yin is a gentle calming class that holds simple postures for a longer time. It’s more of a mental practice, requiring effort to calm the mind.

Buti Yoga is a new popular yoga practice that combines a dance element to the postures.

"My goals are to offer yoga classes throughout the day and spread yoga throughout Lake Charles,” Miranda says. Twice a year, she also offers teacher training courses.

The Main Squeeze

In addition to yoga classes, Miranda, with help from her family and business partner Matthew Duplichan, will offer healthy juices and smoothies in her studio. She plans to make the beverages with fruits and vegetables from local farmers, for example nearby Inglewood Farms and Brother’s Produce in Texas. All products will be plant-based organic, gluten free, and vegan – which mirrors Miranda’s personal diet. Patrons can order the beverages inside the yoga studio or at the convenient drive through window.

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