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Alliance for Positive Growth Formed to Improve Government-Business Processes for Growth Opportunities
3/13/2017 9:53:37 AM

In full operation for two months, the Alliance for Positive Growth (APG) is gaining members from all sectors of the Southwest Louisiana business community at a rapid pace, growing from a founding group of eight members to over 50 since its launch meeting in mid-January.

The grassroots organization of realtors, developers, contractors, business professionals, community leaders and other interested parties will work with municipalities in Southwest Louisiana to "overcome longstanding obstacles to development and create ordinances in favor of and supporting of growth,” said founding member Matt Redd, an associate broker at NAI Latter & Blum. He says landowners and contractors frequently encounter city or parish ordinances that conflict with development projects, causing delays and increasing costs. "Our goal is to address concerns of property owners and developers and craft favorable policies through collaboration between all professionals involved in local development. We’re here to unite – not fight – to make good things happen in our region.”

The group raised about $60,000 to support its launch from founding members, opened an office in the SEED Center, and hired a director, Jeannie Weise. Weise, a McNeese State University graduate with a sales and marketing background, will attend municipal meetings across the five-parish region and provide updates to board members. APG will then use its planned $200,000 annual budget to provide education and information about the benefits of positive growth, as well as specific projects. The group will also employ attorneys and engineers to analyze municipal proposals and advocate for solutions that positively affect local development.

To sustain the group’s budget, members make five-year pledges at four different levels, which range from 500 to $5,000/annually. All are welcome as members, including large corporations and individual entrepreneurs. "Positive growth benefits us all – not just those of us involved in real estate and development,” added Redd.

While an initial board was chosen to guide the alliance through its launch, a new board will be elected in this year to represent APG’s full membership.

"The response we received at the launch meeting and since then confirms that our effort is needed and that our timing is right,” said Tim Flavin, another founding member. "Southwest Louisiana is poised for unprecedented growth, but we all need to work together to ensure that this growth is good for community and can be sustained for the long-term.”

For more information, visitapgrowth.orgor call Weise at 337-602-6789.

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