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Alliance for Positive Growth Initiates SWLA Panel Discussions
12/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Alliance for Positive Growth

Founded in 2017, Alliance for Positive Growth (APG) is a dedicated, grassroots group of professionals in real estate, development, construction and other interested parties who work together to promote strong, beneficial growth in Southwest Louisiana. They recently initiated a series of Public Servant Panel discussions with area leaders for the purpose of sharing information and fostering communication for the benefit of our region. The inaugural event was held in late October and featured Mayor Nicholas Hunter and several other Lake Charles civic government officials, where they discussed upcoming projects. "The purpose of the panel is to develop open dialogue between public officials and business owners. One where government representatives can share projects they feel need more awareness, while making themselves available to respond to questions from local professionals,” says Faith S. Hooks, APG Executive Director.

As you might imagine, top of the list concerns included drainage and infrastructure. "There are several things that we could be doing now with drainage,” said Hunter. "For example, we can clean out underground drainage lines that haven’t been cleaned out in many years.” But this will take time. Hunter said in the two years he has been mayor, and city workers have been inspecting the city drainage lines, only 15% of the lines have been inspected to date. "But that’s a start,” he adds. "We are spending 93% more every year average on drainage than we have in the past. It costs money, but it is money well spent.”

Regarding infrastructure, the city council recently approved a five-million-dollar supplemental infrastructure package for the City of Lake Charles for fiscal year 2019. That represents the largest amount of money of city dollars that the city has ever spent on issues like street stripping, overlay, intersection improvements, sidewalks, and bus shelters. 

Other issues the panel discussed included the lakefront development (Port Wonder and Crying Eagle); economic development districts and incentives, especially in the underserved areas such as North Lake Charles, I-10 corridor, and Enterprise Blvd.; partnerships and projects with the parish (ie. Cove Lane, Ham Reid Rd. extension, a sewer loop south of town, streetlights along roadways); and budgetary updates. APG holds quarterly general membership meetings. Panel discussions will take place quarterly, as well. The next event is scheduled for January and hopes to feature Calcasieu Parish Administration Members.

For more information on APG, see their website,, or call 337-602-6788.

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