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Beat Boredom with a Purpose
6/1/2017 12:18:28 PM


Oh, the dog days of summer vacation. Every parent knows the struggle. Time slows to a crawl. Boredom ensues. Suddenly, the swimming lessons, park play dates, and summer camps are not enough to satisfy the boundless energy of youngsters. Their busy minds crave purpose; and with some creative strategies and planning, kids can transform the seemingly endless blank space of the summertime calendar into a thrilling, moneymaking adventure.

Although daunting at first, implementing work into your kids’ summer routine can bring satisfaction, excitement, and opportunities to learn important life lessons about saving. Leslie Harless, marketing manager at First Federal Bank, says it’s never too early to start saving. "A Youth Savings Account is the perfect way for children to start a life-long habit of saving for a rainy day, get the experience of managing their money, and learn some valuable financial skills that go with them into the future.” First Federal Bank offers a Youth Savings Account for children. The program requires $10 to open an account, and provides fun, kid-friendly savings incentives.

How can kids find work? When choosing a summertime job, it is ideal to find activities that complement the child’s interests, talents, and future goals. This exercise provides fertile ground for discussion about career goals and long-term plans, and fosters a sense of individuality and respect for each child’s unique gifts. Read on for a compilation of ideas to turn each child’s gears toward work that will challenge, inspire, and excite them this summer.

  • Newspaper delivery. Ideal for young teens, newspaper delivery offers a way to connect with the daily beat of society. 
  • Recycling. Kids of all ages can gain a sense of environmental stewardship through recycling. 
  • Babysitting. Calling all future parents. Nanny jobs are the quintessential way to get a taste of parenthood, and can also ignite a passion for mentoring and education. 
  • Housesitting. This is a great way for kids to help their neighbors during the summertime travel months. Kids can create flyers to advertise their services, such as trash management, mail pickup, and plant watering, and rack up a great deal of business. 
  • Pet walking and grooming. Animal loving starts young. This is a fun job that teaches responsibility, and can grow into a thriving business in no time. 
  • Lemonade stands. It’s the irresistible summer job that squeezes an infectious smile out of us all. 
  • Bake sales. Kids can learn kitchen skills and entrepreneurialism with periodic bake sales. Parents may consider utilizing farmers’ market booths as a sales venue. 
  • Ironing clothes. $4 per shirt can add up quickly. The details of this summer job can be ironed out in no time with friends, neighbors, and family members. 
  • Mother’s helper. What mom doesn’t want a summertime helper to come a few hours per day so she can grocery shop and run errands? 
  • Housekeeping. Organizing cabinets, washing windows, scrubbing floors. Lots to learn here about the daily grit of life.
  • Lawn maintenance. It is hot work, but it’s also so satisfying to smell the fresh cut grass, knowing you made someone’s yard look good. 
  • Party princess. Makeup artists, divas, future hair stylists -- what better way to make extra money and bring smiles to little girls’ faces? 
  • Agriculture work. Blueberry picking, bailing hay, watering cows and horses: These jobs are ripe for the picking, and a great way to learn about agriculture. 
  • Yard sale organizer. Some have a natural knack for marketing. Put your future salesman to work spinning deals and spotting potential in garage sale finds. Older kids can even create an Ebay account and sell valuable items online. 
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