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8/28/2018 11:26:45 AM

Self-employed business owners, freelancers, and independent contractors may be familiar with settling in at the library or a local coffee shop to work on a project. But sometimes their needs exceed what those locations can provide. If they lack a brick and mortar office, they may need a professional place to work. For these people, co-working spaces offer a solution. 

Let’s take a look at these unique offices and why you might consider using one.

What is a Co-Working Space?
Rising in popularity alongside the ever-growing workforce of freelancers and startups, these spaces offer an environment more conducive to business than a coffee shop or library. Giving the self-employed and teleworkers a chance to get out of their home while still working in an autonomous environment, co-working spaces offer the best of both worlds.

Co-working spaces offer different tiers of membership, ranging from the less expensive options allowing you to sit at open tables, to those providing you with a private office.

Pros and Cons of Co-Working
Before committing to a co-working space, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.


The overall cost of a co-working space is much lower than renting an office, especially for freelancers or small businesses. 

A co-working space offers a good place to network and make connections with others.

Co-working spaces are all-inclusive, with features like Wi-Fi, furnished meeting rooms, office furniture, and other unique amenities like coffee bars, snacks, and notary services.

Getting out of the house, going to an office space, and having a beginning and end to your workday increases productivity and accountability.


Lack of privacy
If your business handles sensitive information, then a co-working space may not be your best option. 

Tight budget
Even the most affordable membership could be too pricey if you are on a tight budget or just starting out.

As with any public or open space, there are opportunities for distractions at a co-working office.

Office Hinge: Co-Working in SWLA

Office Hinge is a new co-working space in Lake Charles. Owner Heather Hebert says her business offers a wide variety of co-working spaces designed and customized to fit her clients’ needs. "Pricing is flexible, and at ‘the Hinge,’ you will find all of the amenities of a traditional office space at a fraction of the cost.”

Office Hinge amenities include a space to network, learn, and socialize with the use of customized work spaces, meeting rooms and larger event spaces, consulting and training for professional development, and document, notary, and member services to help your business flourish.

"We encourage people to come by for a tour and check out our facility,” Hebert adds. "Whether it’s through utilizing our secured Wi-Fi or hosting an event, chances are you or someone you know can benefit from a space like ours. One of our goals is to encourage entrepreneurs in the Lake Area to tackle their dreams. We look forward to helping SWLA’s workforce for years to come.”

To learn more about Office Hinge and their services, check out their website,, or call 337-419-1050.
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