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Job Hunting? Stand Out from the Crowd
6/3/2013 12:53:20 PM

"Job hunting is a roller coaster ride, to say the least,” said Christi Miller of Training Pathways. "What makes it so frustrating is when you know you’d be perfect for a certain position, but the hiring company doesn’t.”

There are several things you can do to cut your way through the slush and make it to that job interview and eventually to the front door, according to Sara Judson, also of Training Pathways.

"Some of them are obvious. You want to have a resume and cover letter, for starters, and you want to make sure neither of them have any typos whatsoever,” udson said. "You want to make sure you understand the job you’re applying for and the company that’s hiring. Those are obvious starting points.”

But what about some of the less obvious ways to shine?

· Clean up your social media. These days, most people have a presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Employers are increasingly checking these sites to get a feel for their applicants. Make sure your photos are appropriate and portray you as a responsible citizen. If you’re not too sure how you’d come across to an HR professional, then make sure all your settings are private.

· Get involved on LinkedIn. If you’re a job seeker it’s time to get involved with LinkedIn. The site offers a number of professional benefits, other than making your resume and qualifications visible to the public, and it doesn’t cost you a dime unless you enroll in the premium membership. "LinkedIn offers a social networking option for professionals, so it has a completely different atmosphere than Facebook or Twitter,” Miller said.

· Be specific when discussing your achievements—whether via resume or interview. "Don’t just say, ‘I’m a team player,’” Judson said. "Instead, give an example of how you’ve led teams in the past.”

· Stay cheery and positive. Having a good attitude leaves a good impression. It can be difficult to stay upbeat if you’ve been searching for months, but studies have shown that staying positive ensures a better chance of getting a job. Hard as it may be, try not to let the exhausting job search get you down.

· Write amazing correspondence. In addition to writing the perfect cover letter, make sure all your accompanying correspondence, such as follow-up emails, is equally strong. Don’t go with the hum-drum template of an everyday cover letter. Instead, be creative. "Don’t use the same format that everyone uses. Make yours more personal and friendly, but make sure you’re still professional,” Judson said. "This is another area where you can be specific about your achievements. But don’t make your correspondence too long. Short and sweet is best.”

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