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Southwest Louisiana’s Top Ten Jobs for 2019
2/4/2019 1:29:07 PM
Top 10 Jobs SWLA

Anyone who’s spent any time in the Lake Charles region in the last few years is surely aware of the construction boom. From massive industrial projects to the wide variety of residential construction, the evidence is hard to miss.

Unsurprisingly, the massive amount of construction that’s been taking place here is reflected in local jobs numbers. In fact, according to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, in Southwest Louisiana, half of the 10 occupations with the largest projected three-year growth (by number of jobs) from 2016 to 2019 are related to the construction industry.

Read on for the commission’s list along with some job descriptions from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):
  1. Hand Laborers and Freight, Stock and Material Movers. According to the BLS, these workers "move materials to and from storage and production areas, loading docks, delivery trucks, ships and containers.” Considering the fact that this is a coastal area where shipments constantly come and go, it should come as no surprise that these workers are in high demand.
  2. Construction Laborers. These individuals perform physical labor on construction sites. Specific duties can vary widely.
  3. Carpenters. Carpenters work on many different types of projects, too. As the BLS puts it, carpentry work ranges from "installing kitchen cabinets to building highways and bridges.”
  4. Structural Iron and Steel Workers. These workers "raise, place and unite iron or steel girders, columns, and other structural members to form completed structures or structural frameworks,” the BLS says. 
  5. Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters. Although these are three distinct and specialized roles, they have similar duties that involve installing and repairing pipes in homes, businesses, and factories.
  6. First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers. Construction and extraction encompass a large number of occupations, including Nos. 2 through 5 on this list. And those workers, of course, report to supervisors.
  7. Welders, Cutters, Solderers and Brazers. According to the BLS, these workers "use handheld or remotely controlled equipment to join or cut metal parts.”
  8. Personal Care Aides. Personal care aides help people with disabilities, illnesses, or cognitive impairment with activities of daily living. This includes things like bathing, housekeeping, and grocery shopping. With the elderly population growing as baby boomers age, employment of home health and personal care aides is projected to grow 41 percent nationwide by 2026.
  9. Retail Salespersons. These workers sell a wide variety of merchandise, "such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances, or apparel,” the BLS says.
  10. Cashiers. The retail salespersons category does not include cashiers, who have a category of their own. As the BLS explains it, their role is "to process payments from customers purchasing goods and services.”

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