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The Skill Set of the Future: Essential Habits for Greater Success
10/30/2018 1:25:40 PM
Skill Set of the Future

In today’s competitive business climate, you’ve got to work harder than ever to stay relevant in any industry. You need to perform at a higher level than ever before, achieve better results, quickly recover from missteps, and garner the confidence to thrive in times of uncertainty. In other words, you need a modern-day skill set that gives you an edge over your competitors and helps you efficiently reach your goals.

You’ve got to give your peak performance 100 percent of the time while upholding your values and building trust with your clients and associates, says Paul G. Krasnow, author of The Success Code: A Guide for Achieving Your Personal Best in Business and Life. "It’s no longer enough to just show up and put in your time at the office. Employers today expect more from you . . . and so do clients.”

Krasnow is no stranger to adversity and loss. Following early success in the clothing industry, he experienced a financially-devastating bankruptcy that forced him to rebuild his life from scratch. He joined Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, where he created an impressive financial portfolio and won multiple "Top Agent” awards.

In The Success Code, Krasnow lays out a formula that took him to the top of his industry. Whether you’re starting out in your career, looking for a better job, or already dominating in your industry, these habits will help you excel and surpass your own expectations.

Fine-tune your focus.

Today’s employees have greater responsibility and less time to complete their work. This forces them to multitask, yet most people are terrible at multitasking. Plus, they are constantly interrupted by email, smartphones, and social media. Krasnow says success often comes down to your ability to tune out all of this "noise” and get focused. Get rid of distractions and temptations until your work is finished. Turn off media, remove clutter from your desk, and limit office chitchat when you have a task to complete. This creates an environment that best allows you to serve your clients and get your work done.

Engage with your clients.

Building and nurturing solid client relationships is the cornerstone of any successful business. To foster engagement, commit to a personal code of integrity to assure clients you will work hard for them and they are in good hands. Strive to be honest and authentic with your clients and your associates. People will always be able to tell if you’re being friendly just to make a sale or establish a connection. 

Work smarter, not harder. 

Do an audit of how you currently spend your work time. Take a moment to identify your most important recurring tasks, determine how long they take, and identify tasks that could be completed more quickly. Then learn to prioritize your daily goals. Create a to-do list and divide your tasks into three categories: critical, high-priority, and low-priority. Tackle each task in order of priority.

Hone an ideal image. 

Your appearance should reflect the quality of your services. Think of your health, wellness, and wardrobe as an investment in your success.

Become a whole person. 

Live a balanced, rich life in all areas of your existence. No matter how much fulfillment you get from your career, you still need to expand your life and enjoy all it has to offer. Make time to be present with your spouse, your kids, and your network of friends. Foster a few hobbies. Consider volunteer work. Explore your spirituality.

"No matter where you are in your career right now, you will benefit from adopting habits that lead to a successful life and career,” concludes Krasnow. "You really can unlock your potential and be as great as you dare to be. Stop waiting and start becoming the best you yet.”
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