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Three Steps to Protect Your Brand in the Workplace
4/2/2018 10:14:18 PM
Protect Your Brand

Gender discrimination and bias in the workplace has a national stage right now. Many women have a story about a negative experience in her workplace, regardless of industry. It is prevalent, it is common, and it is nothing new.

A study conducted by Investors in People found that eight in ten women in full time employment believe gender discrimination is still present in the workplace. The study also revealed that almost half of women think they have personally experienced discrimination in the workplace because of their gender.

As the conversation continues to evolve, there are things women can do now to protect themselves and help change behavior patterns that have occurred in the workplace for years. Both men and women will need to contribute ideas and actions to move through these uncharted waters. 

Author Holly Caplan identifies three actions women can do immediately to help to protect their brand. By creating boundaries and structure, women provide themselves strength and security in moving forward in their careers and lives.

Seek Out Coworker Support
Coworker support means watching out for each other, recognizing sexual harassment, bullying, or gender discrimination, and taking action if it is observed. Coworkers can support each other and take grievances to human resources. This support can remove the element of fear.  

Keep Social Media Clean
It’s very easy to get the scoop on someone nowadays via social media. Businesses are hyper-aware of this, too. Before an employer meets a potential employee for an interview, they will look that person up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Companies seek employees who will represent them. Do not take this for granted. Making social media pages "private,” is not enough. Personal social media branding has ruined job opportunities and current positions. The best choice is to keep social media profiles clean.

Create Boundaries at Work
Maintaining professionalism and setting boundaries at work are key to protecting your brand. Attire, personal life, and interactions with others all come into play. Getting too comfortable with coworkers can blur the lines. Be cautious about sharing personal information. Dress appropriately, even on casual Fridays. Office mates do watch and listen. How you act in the work place defines your brand.

It is more important than ever to be responsible, aware, and protective of yourself and your coworkers. You have the opportunity to pave the way for other women and create a better workplace. Remember, you are your brand.

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