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When to Wave the White Flag: How to Ask for Help at Work
5/6/2013 10:54:10 AM

What’s got you so worried?

The reason why you shouldn’t be worried.

How to ask for help.

People might think I have no clue what I’m doing.

Keeping quiet and struggling alone may actually make you come off as less capable in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask for direction as opposed to asking someone to do it for you.

Present it from the perspective of showing what you’ve been able to put together on the project and then ask for a second set of eyes to look at your plan and offer a second opinion. This shows you’ve got things under control, but just want to put the best product forward.

You hate to be a pest to your busy coworkers.

Don’t underestimate how willing people are to help you. Studies have shown that when we help others, the reward centers in our brain light up and we feel good about ourselves.

Don’t act sheepish or afraid when you ask. Be upbeat in your approach, toss in a compliment and then ask them to brainstorm with you for a few minutes. You’ll come off as likeable and make your coworker feel good at the same time.

You want to prove you can handle the project alone.

Even when you don’t totally have your bearings on a project, you can still come off looking competent. The trick is to make it clear that you need help with only one small part of the project and that you’ve got the rest covered.

Stay away from being overly dramatic and saying something like, "I’m dying here, can you help me?” Instead, set boundaries with your request by making it as specific as possible. After you get what you need, take back the reins and say thank you.

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