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9 Reasons to Support your Local Music Scene
5/30/2018 10:41:24 PM
Music Scene

  1. Potential new friends. Supporting local musicians provides a great opportunity for you to make new friends, both with other fans as well as band members.
  2. It’s economical. Tickets or cover charges for local bands cost way less than big-name national touring bands. Oftentimes, especially here in Southwest Louisiana, with our many festivals and community events, admission is free!
  3. Benefits local businesses. You’ve heard the expression, "Shop local.” Well, "Listen local” is the same concept! You support not only the musicians, but the venues, as well.
  4. Up-close and personal. You can buy tickets to see a headliner at a massive stadium or arena, but unless you score front-row seats, better take your binoculars. Supporting local musicians in small venues gives the added benefit of being able to be close to the stage and interact with the musicians; maybe chat with them during those short breaks.
  5. Hometown pride. A band’s greatest fans are often in their own hometown. When a musical act achieves a degree of success, the community takes pride in the "home boys” (or girls) and longs to share in the glory.
  6. Makes a great date night. Experiencing art of any kind together can make for a fun interesting evening. But music lends itself to a unique interaction – dancing!
  7. Benefits the education system. A vibrant well-supported local music scene filters down into a community’s culture, and consequently, leaders and school policy-makers will make music and the arts a priority.
  8. Bragging rights. When your favorite house band hits the big time and wins a Grammy, you can say, I knew them when . . .  You’ll tell your friends, "Yeah, I hung out with those guys at this little dive bar near campus.” And if you’ve kept in touch, you might score backstage passes next time they come to town!
  9. Cultural and musical diversity. Listening to local music enhances your cultural experiences. While you may not spend money on pricey tickets to see big-name acts in genres you don’t regularly listen to, you might readily attend a concert at the lakefront, especially if your friends are all going. And who knows, you may discover you like country music after all!
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