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All The Rage
10/2/2018 1:18:50 PM
All the Rage

Have you ever been so mad you just want to break something? Maybe you’ve stood at the copy machine at work and secretly wished to have an "Office Space” moment where you pulverize it with a baseball bat? 

Believe it or not, there is a valid place you can go to lash out and rid yourself of frustrations. "Rage rooms” are a new phenomenon popping up in cities across the country. Consider it a unique tool to help deal with anger management issues. Or simply to have a good time! All the Rage, located in Broussard, Louisiana, offers a variety of options to release your pent-up anger or frustration. And no one gets hurt!

For $25, you can spend five minutes in a rage room smashing a few dishes, some large bottles, or a medium-sized item. However, if your particular fury requires more than five minutes to satiate, there are other options that may appeal to you.

This 15-minute session allows you to bring your own breakables and enjoy some Hulk-ish smash time. $25

Couples Therapy 
You and your loved one get 30 minutes alone with a sink full of dishes, six medium items, two large items, and two electronics, making it a unique date night opportunity. $80

Hammer Time 
This session includes 15 minutes with you, a hammer, a sink full of dishes, four medium items, one large item, and one electronic. It does not include gold-colored M.C. Hammer pants. $55

Office Space Smash 
Live out your wildest office equipment destruction dreams with a medium printer and six desk accessories like a mug, a picture frame, or a calculator. There may even be a stapler. Fifteen minutes. $70

AA Smashing 
This package is designed for people who have battled or know someone who has battled alcoholism, but anyone can join in on this satisfying smash session. All the Rage staff set up 24 liquor bottles for you to annihilate in 15 minutes. $30

All-Out Hulk Smash 
This ultimate demolition experience includes two sinks full of dishes, six medium items, two large items, one small electronic, and one large electronic. Leave your inner Bruce Banner at home, and let your green monster go wild. 30 minutes. $75

If a session interests you but doesn’t have enough breakables, you can add more breakables for an additional cost when you book your session. You can also buy a t-shirt in advance and book everything online. For those less-aggressive types, there are also splatter paint parties for both kids and adults. You’re sure to have a smashing (or splattering) good time at All the Rage.

All the Rage is located in Broussard, La. Open Sunday – Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – noon. For more info, see their website, or call 337-944-4263.
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