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Beyond Dinner Reservations: Make your Valentine’s Day Date as Unique as your Relationship
2/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
Beyond Dinner Reservations

Hearts. Chocolates. Champagne. Scented candles. Store aisles brim with clichéd props for your annual Valentine’s Day celebration. Yet we fall in love in unique ways. Shouldn’t we think outside the heart-shaped, red foil box when making plans? Defy the marketing blitz by creating your own non-traditional Valentine’s Day date. There are options in the Lake Area to satisfy every romantic’s longing. 

Spend an "Evening in Spain” with the Lake Charles Symphony at the Historic Calcasieu Marine National Bank. Their Valentine’s Day concert features passionate classics from Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Dvorak. The event includes dinner and beverages. Go to for more information or to purchase tickets.

The Lake Charles Little Theatre has a new musical, Hans Christian Andersen’s timeless tale, "The Snow Queen,” opening February 7. Or review event calendars for other arts-related happenings, such as live music at venues like Panorama Music House, L’auberge Casino, or the Golden Nugget. 

If creating art is your shared passion, check out The Art Factory or Painting with a Twist. Draw, paint, dig in clay, throw a pot, or express yourselves together with mixed media projects. Make new memories that celebrate the old ones.

Reminisce with your Valentine. Challenge yourselves to recall specific memories. Was there a particularly special date you might recreate? Where did you go then that you could return to now? Maybe a bowling alley or putt-putt? Whether fast food after a movie or a picnic at a park, relive that special day. 

Reprint old photos and assemble a collage. Edit using special filters, colors or shapes. Or insert into a newspaper format—a special edition, hot-off-the-press with stories and headlines. Children especially love being involved in a surprise project like this. Kids love hearing the stories of when you first met as much as you’ll love telling them. 

Volunteer together! Bonding over a shared cause can be a memorable way to celebrate your love. Visit veterans or the homebound with gifts of candy, fruit or homemade baked goods. Serve a meal together at a local soup kitchen. Walk the dogs or clean the cages at a pet rescue center. Plant trees together or help a neighbor do something they cannot do alone. Sharing acts of kindness can open your heart to compassion, empathy and love and lead you to appreciate attributes in your mate that you may have overlooked. 

Whether your date includes a night out or a night in, make your Valentine’s Day one to remember. Your partnership brought something special into this world that it never had before. Celebrate by doing something you’ve never done together before.

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