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First person with Stacy Bearden
6/1/2020 10:48:59 AM
Stacey Bearden

Growing up in Sulphur, La., Stacy Bearden developed an interest in music and art at an early age. Encouraged by his parents and grandparents, he started a comic strip series in elementary school and began piano lessons at age nine. "Music and art were everything to me as a young child,” Bearden says. He carried this passion with him through high school and college, where he played saxophone in marching band, and into a successful career. Stacy graduated from McNeese State University in 1997 with a degree in Piano Performance and Education. He opened Bearden’s Music a year prior to graduation, and with the help of his family, Stacy provides music lessons, sells and services musical instruments and other merchandise, and offers recording studio services. 

Stacy’s music store is also home to his art studio. Though he dabbled in art since childhood, he didn’t pursue art professionally until 2015. He’s a multi-talented artist whose skills include illustration, graphic design, and fine art. He has a comic strip called Figuring it Out. He paints portraits, birds, landscapes, and Louisiana life. He wrote and illustrated a picture book. And in 2019, Bearden won the Pirate Festival’s annual poster contest, hosted by Visit Lake Charles.

As much as Stacy lives and breathes music and art, his top priorities are faith and family. He lives with his wife, Amy, and his son and daughter, Ethan (age 21) and Madeline (age 14). 

They and his parents, Jackie and Kennith Dupree, and his mother-in-law, Cecile McKeivier, routinely help him in his shop. "I could not run the business and do all the different things I do without their support,” Bearden says. "They are unbelievably kind and supportive of all the different endeavors I pursue.” Bearden and his family attend Trinity Baptist Church, where he sings in the choir and occasionally plays piano. "Church is an essential part of my life. Making use of any talent God gives you is important; and if you can use that talent for God, you have fulfilled your purpose for that talent.”

Thrive magazine recently caught up with Bearden and learned more about the man and his mission of music, art, family, and faith.

Describe your musical and artistic journey. 

Becoming a musician has been a long, ongoing process. I still practice and perform regularly. My main musical job is teaching children piano, saxophone, and bass guitar. Teaching children and adults is the most rewarding part of my musical life. I realized I wanted to make music my life’s work when leaving high school because nothing made me as happy as music. My art career is a newer part of my life, and it’s becoming a part of my work life I enjoy the most. I think that fine art is my favorite form of art. I love Hopper, Rembrandt, Degas, Jeremy Mann, Pollock, Różalski. But I also like comic book art like Jim Lee, Raphael Grampa, and Alex Ross. Ross actually paints acrylic paintings of each panel, so his art is fine art for comic books. I think that reading comic strips like Peanuts, Garfield and later Calvin and Hobbes pushed me into art at a young age. My favorite piece of art is The Elder Sister by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

How does your family share your passions? 

We all love music. My daughter plays saxophone in the marching band at Sulphur High as I did. Now I’m a band parent - that’s hard to believe. I make sure I give my family as much time as possible, but I’m around my family most all day at the business. I can work on art at night on the couch and be with my wife and children. 

Tell us about your picture book, Boudreaux, the Louisiana Mosquiteaux. Have you written/illustrated any other picture books? 

I have been writing short stories and illustrating since childhood. One of my life goals was to have a book published. It is a perfect, cumulative result of so many things I do. I write. I illustrate. I teach children. One evening at home, I was practicing drawing random animals, and my daughter asked why I was doing so. She knows I’m a planner, and I always have a project. It made me realize I could turn that into something. Two years later the book, published by Pelican Publishing, finally hit the shelves. I have illustrated a couple of other books for authors in Louisiana, and more are currently in the works.

How does your faith influence your career and relationships? 

My faith in Jesus Christ is the very most important thing in my life. My Christian faith influences everything I do. As a Gideon, I give out Bibles to people who shop at our business. People need to understand that God loves them more than they can imagine. He loves everyone that same way. That means we are all equal in His eyes. If we are all equal in the eyes of our Creator, that means no one is better than anyone else. We are all broken. 

We all need a savior. Jesus wants us to be kind, loving, generous, and fair with others. I try to do that. I could not do the things I do and live in this world without Jesus leading my life.

What’s next for Stacy Bearden?

As we re-open the economy after the COVID-19 crisis, I’m looking forward to getting Bearden’s Music back up and running and teaching more piano lessons. I have some art projects in the works as well as two books I was hired to illustrate for some authors. I am also acting as a concept artist for a video game and graphic design business in Lake Charles.

Bearden’s Music is located at 202 S. Cities Service Hwy. Find them on Facebook or, 337-625-5397.

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