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Game2Life - Offers SWLA a New Entertainment & Dining Experience
10/1/2019 1:00:00 PM


Dodging behind cover, you struggle to catch your breath. Muffled beneath the blaring siren piercing the air, you hear hushed footfalls and the gentle clatter of your enemies rushing down the corridor ahead. They’ll be on you in seconds.

Risking detection, you peek around the corner for a quick assessment. Through a haze of smoke, you count three hostiles, all armed, all working in unison to cover all points: two watching flank, one focused straight ahead. There’s no way out.

Swallowing your fear, you choke back any hesitation you have left and get ready to face them head-on. Your chances of survival are slim, but with any luck, you might be able to take out one or two of them before you’re tagged.

You grip your weapon, sliding your index finger down to the trigger. No time to think.

Popping out of cover just before they round the corner, you manage to tag the point man on your first shot. The other two instantly close ranks and go single file, one crouching in front, shielding the teammate behind him. Both weapons aimed straight ahead.

This is it. You might be able to tag the one in front, but his buddy will pick you off before you can get back into cover. No going back now.

You pop out again and manage to squeeze off one round. It misses its mark and you feel the sharp sting of a direct hit as the pair in front of you unload with everything they have. Game over.

The concept behind Game2Life, opening later this month at 3311 Broad Street in Lake Charles, is a simple one: bring Laser Tag into the 21st century. Introduced in the ‘80s under brands like Lazer Tag and Photon, both with bulky equipment as imprecise as it was unreliable, the technology employed by Game2Life is light years beyond what you might remember from decades ago.

For starters, gone are the heavy, bulky helmets and vests of the old days. Game2Life is played in sleek, lightweight equipment that won’t slow you down as you race through the intricate battlefield housed in its state of the art, air-conditioned facility.

The combat simulation system was originally developed for military and law enforcement training and features realistic weapons systems, down to the last detail. The IRM4, for example, is a faithful M4 replica made from durable metallic parts with all the accuracy, weight, and behavior of its real-world counterpart, including recoil and reloading. An optional "shock belt” even allows you to feel every hit.

Players will also be able to track and compare their mission stats and points earned against both local and international leaderboards.

Gameplay sessions typically run around an hour and are divided into five, four-minute rounds with time allowed for mission briefing and suit up. In addition to the 5,200 square foot battlefield arena, the 7,000 square foot Game2Life facility will also feature a second-floor dining and beverage area called Shooter’s Bar & Grill.

The Game2Life staff plans to offer firearms safety training, home defense courses, axe throwing, and VR simulations as well as training opportunities for local first responders.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about firearms or just want to get the kids off the couch, out of their video games, and into a safe, physical activity in a controlled environment, Game2Life might just be what you’ve been searching for.

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