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Take a Walk on Thanksgiving Day Reasons to get up and move after the feast and a list of great places to stroll
11/1/2019 11:00:00 AM


After the main event on Thanksgiving Day, when you worry you might not be able to push away from the table and you just want to curl up in the recliner and watch the big games, here’s an alternative. Take a walk! Here’s why:

When you eat a heavy meal, it can often make you feel sluggish afterward and even disrupt sleep. But getting up and taking a short walk after eating can help combat this. Not only is walking a great low-impact activity to help you stay healthy overall, it can specifically aid digestion and control blood sugar levels — preventing crashes in energy. 

Research shows that evening walks are particularly beneficial for digestion and controlling blood sugar. While walking any time of the day can have positive effects on health, taking a stroll after a meal may be especially effective for managing blood sugar levels.

Individuals suffering from digestion problems and discomfort may also see some benefits from walking. A small 2008 study found walking increased the rate at which food moved through the stomach. Other research has found that walking after a meal may improve gastric emptying in patients with longstanding diabetes, where food may typically take longer to digest and empty from the stomach.

Walking can also unite family and friends in a fun activity. It is one of the most studied forms of exercise, with research demonstrating it’s an ideal activity for improving health and longevity. So try taking a walk on Thanksgiving Day (or any day!).

Where to Walk

We are fortunate here in Southwest Louisiana that there are countless places to take a pleasant walk. And the slower pace of walking allows you to see more detail than if you merely zipped past in a car.

Explore the hiking trails at Sam Houston Jones State Park.

Stroll along Lake Charles’ pristine Lakefront or the walking path at Prien Lake Park (both great places to watch the sun set).

Enjoy a walking tour of the historic Charpentier District.

Riverside Park and Tuten Park each have a walking trail.

If you’re into bird watching or alligator hunting, visit a nature preserve, for example Pinhook, and others along Creole Nature Trail.

In Sulphur, The Grove at Heritage Square and Kyle Street Park offer walking tracks.

In Westlake, walk through Pinederosa Park.

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