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What’s New at Disney
8/6/2018 11:11:44 AM

Disney has been capturing the hearts and imagination of young and old for decades. Amy Veuleman, a local agent with Holiday Travel, is a Disney Specialist who has been visiting Disney World annually for the past 11 years. What Veuleman and her family love the most about Disney Resorts is that they are always changing. "It’s never ‘finished,’” Veuleman says. 

So what’s new at Disney? 
Toy Story Land, the largest expansion yet in the history of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, was officially dedicated on June 29 in a special celebration, which Veuleman and her family attended.

"Toy Story Land is an amazing new area in Hollywood Studios,” Veuleman says. "It’s a colorful land with three Toy Story-themed rides and a new quick service restaurant. The Slinky Dog ride is the new kid-friendly roller coaster, which is what most park-goers have been waiting for. Alien Saucer Spin brings back our favorite green aliens from the movie to take you on a spin in your ride vehicle. It’s a similar experience to the teacups.  

Special attention to special needs. 
Veuleman especially appreciates Disney for the accommodations given to the handicapped. "I love that my oldest son, who is disabled, can experience as much joy in the park as an able-bodied individual,” she says.

The parks offer disability services to make standing in lines more comfortable for guests that may have cognitive difficulty with processing wait times. "You have to register for the service, but you only have to do it once during your stay,” she says. "Also, many of the ride experiences don’t require you to transfer from your wheelchair. You can roll right onto the experience. Additionally, they have designated areas for watching the parades and a significant number of family restrooms.” 

Holiday magic. 
The Veuleman family enjoys celebrating the holidays at Walt Disney World. "It’s truly a magical place at Christmas. They transform the parks for all the holidays, but Christmas has always been my favorite,” she says. The holiday season starts on November 8 at Disney World. Discover joyous holiday traditions of 11 World Showcase nations during Epcot International Festival of the Holidays beginning Nov. 18.

If you’re a Disney first-timer, Veuleman recommends staying at one of the Resort hotels. "It absolutely makes the experience more magical,” she says. "They allow you extra hours in the parks and take care of your transportation needs while visiting. There are four unique theme parks, each one deserving of a visit, so allow at least four park days in your trip.” 

Holiday Travel has the distinction of being an Authorized Disney Planner. They will host a free Disney Night to answer questions and teach you all about resort options on September 25 at the OLQH Life Center at 6:30 p.m. 

For more information, contact Holiday Travel at 3020 Ryan St., Lake Charles, 337-480-1090,
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