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You-Pick Farms Offer the Freshest Produce in Peak Season
5/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
Pick-Your Farms

Looking for a fun, outdoor activity that adds health and nutrition to your life? Visit a You-Pick produce farm this summer. There’s no way to get fresher food than by picking it yourself and taking it home. 

Consider these tips from to ensure your adventure is pleasant and productive:

Know before you go

Always call, email, or check a farm’s social media pages to confirm that the farm is open and has produce to harvest before you head for your destination. Nature rarely follows a schedule. Some farms have plumbed toilets, but unless you are a fan of port-o-potties, "go” at home before you leave. Also know if you need to take your own containers or if the farm provides buckets or baskets for picking.

What to bring

Fields can be muddy, so dress appropriately. Wear boots or old athletic shoes, not heels or flip-flops. Pack an effective bug spray in case of mosquitos. Take sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and water or something to drink. If you are allergic to bee stings, take your epi-pen, just in case. Many farms provide picnic tables, so you may want to pack a picnic lunch.

When to arrive

Many crops, especially berries, ripen daily, and are picked over by late morning. Go as early as the farm opens for best selection and easiest picking. Going early also avoids the heat!

Picking tips

Know how to tell when the produce you are picking is ripe and how to pick and store it. When you return home, prepare and store the produce as quickly as possible. The farmer is a great resource for this information.

Understand the costs

Know beforehand how much the produce costs per pound and approximately how much you will pick. It’s best to bring cash, but you can ask beforehand if a farm takes credit cards.

Where to pick

The eastern half of Southwest Louisiana is home to several you-pick farms. They grow berries, figs, citrus, vegetables, and are waiting for you to come pick till your pails brim over. At the time of this writing, most farms were not yet open and available for comment. Call, email, or check a farm’s website or social media platforms to verify a farm is open and ready for business before you make the drive.


Strawberry season is basically behind us, but blueberry season generally runs from the end of May to early July. Find blueberries at the following locations:

McCart Farm

1208 Highway 357, Opelousas, La. 

On Facebook page, @mccartfarm

(If you ever dreamed of owning a blueberry farm, 

this one’s for sale!) 

Blueberry Hill Farm

557 Don Guilbeau Rd., Arnaudville, La.


Bayou Blues Blueberry Farm

1113 Donnell Rd, Broussard, La.

On Facebook

Other Produce:

Four Oaks Farm sells mayhaws through May

15439 Dalton Road, Kaplan, La.


Point Blue Farm LLC offers blackberries, blueberries, cucumbers, figs, herbs/spices, citrus, pecans, tomatoes, other vegetables, honey from hives on the farm, fresh eggs, a picnic area and farm animals.

125 Prairie Rhonde Road, Ville Platte, La.

337-363-2499   @LowlineRanch on Facebook

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