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3-D Facemasks: The Future of Customized Facials
8/1/2019 1:00:00 PM
3-D Facemask

n the past few years, sheet masks have become a huge beauty trend. And while sheet masks are excellent for hydrating, soothing irritated skin, and even calming sunburns, they’re also often ill fitting and not quite suited to individual skin concerns. 

However, all that’s about to change with Neutrogena’s new custom-printed sheet masks, available this fall. 

How it works

First, customers download MaskiD, Neutrogena’s 3-D mask app onto their smartphones. Then, they use the app to take a selfie. Using the photo, the app can customize the shape of the mask to fit customers’ faces, no more awkward slipping or tugging to get those masks to stay put. 

From there, users can customize which type of treatment they’d like in each area of the mask. For example, if pores are an area of concern around the nose and dryness is a problem on the cheeks, these 3-D masks can address both concerns all at once. 

For additional customization, skincare lovers can purchase the Neutrogena Skin 360 system, which includes a tool that attaches to smartphones in order to analyze skin concerns and saves skin data in the Neutrogena app. 

How it’s different

Neutrogena’s team of dermatologists, chemists, and biologists worked together to come up with the masks’ top five active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, feverfew, N-acetyleglucosamine, and vitamin C. This combination is proven to reduce redness and dark spots while also smoothing fine lines. And these custom-fit hydrogel masks, which are made with locust beans and red seaweed, can address each of these concerns individually across different parts of the face. 

Once users have settled on which components they’d like each area of their mask to contain, they submit their order directly through the app. While Neutrogena hasn’t listed prices yet, representatives for the company have said that they will be comparable in price to drug store masks. Skincare lovers who find themselves buying multiple masks for many different skincare concerns might even find themselves saving a bit of money on an all-in-one solution.  

How to get one

Unfortunately, 3-D sheet masks won’t be available for another few months, but you can sign up to be one of the first to get your customized sheet mask by entering your email address at Until then, use Skin360 for even more personalized recommendations.

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