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4 Fun Ways to Update Your Makeup Bag This Fall
8/28/2018 10:00:35 AM
Fall Makeup

This fall, makeup lovers who live for all things sparkly, shiny, and glittery are in for a treat because right now, the cosmetics industry is all about overstatement. From glitter to metallic, standing out is this year’s hottest trend. 

For the past few seasons, the fashion world could probably be best described as glittery. From rhinestone decals on high-end sportswear to full faces of glitter going down the runway, right now is the time for sparkle. 

"In spring, glitter was huge, and it’s not going anywhere,” says Shaunteal Prejean, owner of Chantelle’s Makeup Studio in Lake Charles. And while glittery lipsticks and eye shadows abound, those looking for a bolder look can use glitter as a highlight in unexpected places, like the tops of the cheekbones or right at the hairline for a more ethereal look.  

Heavy metal for nails has been a huge trend for a while now, with chrome nail polish making its way from runways to drugstore shelves, but silver is also the hot new color for eye makeup. A little smudge of silver liner on an otherwise neutral eye is a fun, relatively inexpensive way to update last year’s matte eye palettes.

If you’re really looking to move away from neutrals, bright eye makeup in bold, pure colors is a fun option for experimenting with a more mod look. When it comes to color, simply pick your favorite. Recent runway looks have included a rainbow of colors, including blue, red, yellow, and orange to create striking, can’t-miss-it eye makeup. 

While some fashionistas are using bright colors over their entire eyelid, the trend doesn’t have to always be so dramatic. 

"If you want a pop of color, the safest place is on the outer corner of the eye or the lower lash line,” Prejean says. 

Of course, great skin never really goes out of style. But after years of heavy foundation and sharp contouring, this year’s most stylish foundation is more about looking fresh-faced than Instagram filtered. 

"Ultimately, you’re looking for spa-like second skin,” Prejean says, referring to the dewy, less powdery looks she’s seen recently. "Second skin is really more about taking care of your skin than wearing foundation with a lot of coverage. Foundations from previous years have been like leggings, but these are more like pantyhose. They neutralize where you need them to with a kind of satin sheen.” 

To get spa-like skin, look for lighter-formula foundations or tinted moisturizers that are gel-based or have extra-moisturizing ingredients, like shea butter. 

Even if you’re not someone who gets excited about bold cosmetics, you can definitely still brighten your look without going all out disco ball.

"Just choose one element and use it with purpose,” Prejean says. "This year’s looks are all about empowerment. No apologies.”

For more information on makeup trends, call 337-842-1981 or see Shauntelle’s website,

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