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A Guy's Guide to Wearing Stripes
2/4/2019 12:36:24 PM
Stripes for Men

When it comes to menswear, guys don’t usually get to pick from a ton of patterns. Oftentimes, the men’s sections of department stores are full of both graphic tees (which are too casual for a lot of events) and boring button-downs in solid colors. Luckily, this year, stripes have become one of the most popular looks for stylish guys who are sick of solids. Here are few of the best ways to try out this spring’s most sought-after menswear look: 

Go vertical
A short-sleeved, striped button-down is the easiest way to try out the stripe trend. Short-sleeved button-downs have gotten a bad rap in the past (thanks a lot, Dwight Schrute from The Office), but this year, they’re incredibly stylish. The best looking striped button-downs are in bold colors with white stripes. Fit matters, so make sure it’s not so tight that the buttons pull but not so loose it appears shapeless. Pair your button-down with pants in a slightly deeper shade than your shirt, so if you get a light blue button-down, pair it with a pair of darker, but complementary, blue slacks. Or, if you really want to be on trend, wear your white-striped shirt with a pair of pristine white pants or jeans for a clean, well put together look.
Layer up
Black and white horizontal striped tee shirts are also on-trend for men, but wearing them on their own can give off a French mime vibe. To try out the trend without looking like Marcel Marceau, layer your black and white striped tee with an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt in a solid color, or, for the really fashion forward, even a Hawaiian print.  

Try out some trousers
Relaxed fit pants with a vertical stripe are another incredibly stylish choice for those with an affinity for stripes. These pants are casual enough for weekend wear, but can also be dressed up for special occasions. Pair them with white, low-top sneakers and a fitted sweater for the weekend, or wear them with a white, long-sleeved button-down and loafers for a slightly more dressed-up dinner or special event look. 

Experiment with accessories 
It’s a real shame there aren’t more accessories available to men, but this year at least striped accessories, like socks, are pretty easy to find. For a sportier look, wear a classic pair of striped athletic socks from brands like Adidas with shorts and sneakers. Or, if you’re wearing a sleek, fitted suit to a wedding or Mardi Gras ball, ditch those boring black dress socks for a black and white striped pair that matches both your suit and tie to make your look more fun.  

Stripes are much more interesting than standard solid-color clothing, but they don’t have to be a bold departure from your normal look. There are plenty of ways to experiment with more sedated stripes to give your wardrobe some variety without getting too wild.
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