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A Guys’ List of New Year’s Style Resolutions
1/5/2018 1:22:41 PM
Style Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, advancing in the professional world, boldly perusing dreams, and making the most of each new opportunity are usually right at the top, while being more stylish doesn’t generally make the cut. However, feeling comfortable in your own skin can actually help facilitate those other goals, so if you’re looking to make subtle improvements in 2018, here are a few tips for maximizing style with minimal effort.

Don’t be scared of self-care

The skincare product aisle at the drug store can be a pretty inhospitable place for a newbie, but this year, vow to find three main products: a gentle facial cleanser that doesn’t dry out skin, a good body lotion, and a good facial moisturizer. Face skin tends to be more sensitive than the rest of the body, so if you’re washing with bar soap and skipping the moisturizer and seeing problems with acne and/or dryness, it’s probably because you need products formulated specially for your specific concerns. There’s also nothing inherently manly about ashy knees and scaly feet, and lotioning from feet to hands every morning after the shower can prevent itchy winter skin.

Assess your stuff

We’ve all got clothes we’re hanging onto on the off chance we might wear it again, but if your closets are packed with jeans that haven’t fit since high school and socks with holes in the heel, let them go. Replace ill-fitting pants and shirts with things that actually make you feel good. Buy a new six-pack of socks. Replace undershirts with stains on them. You’ll feel like a brand-new man with a wardrobe full of fresh basics.

Don’t stick with styles you don’t like

It could be that a decade ago, you started wearing a particular style, for example, a near uniform of tee shirts and jeans, and these days, you’re thinking it might be time to upgrade to button downs. It can be scary to let go of old stuff and start thinking about changing your style to suit the ways in which your life has changed, but if you find yourself uncomfortable in your clothing, or sometimes worrying that you always seem to be wearing the wrong thing to the wrong occasion, let this be the year you decide to change to a style that better suits your job or personality. Change is good!

Try something new

January is a hopeful month, full of new beginnings and resolutions to make this year better than the last. Why not use the new year to try out some style you’ve always liked but worried you might not be able to pull off. See what your suit looks like without a tie; pair a blazer with jeans; put on that James Dean jacket and just see how it looks. If you feel great, let that be an inspiration for a slight change in your style. Even if you ultimately decide the new look isn’t for you, there’s nothing lost by trying!
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