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A Stylist’s Picks for Super Summer Hair
5/3/2018 8:50:11 PM
Summer Hair

Long hair and summer go together about as well as a snow cone and the surface of the sun. Both make a drippy, goopy mess in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking to make the chop while the temperatures soar, 2018 is your year because shorter styles are totally on trend. And if you just want to get your long locks out of the way until fall without making the chop, there are plenty of stylish hair accessories to keep you looking cool even into triple digits. 

Lob it
The "lob” is one of the hottest hairstyles of 2018. The name is a mashup of the words "long” and "bob.” The style is just that: a straight haircut that’s a bit longer than the traditional, chin length bob, according to Sarah Kennison, owner at Bauhaus Salon in Lake Charles. 
"A lob is sleek and hits just above the shoulder, and is typically a blunt, mid-length cut with textured layers,” Kennison says. 
Since it typically hits right at the collarbone, the lob is great for framing all face shapes, and styling is incredibly versatile. You can straighten it for a sleeker look or scrunch with sea spray for beachy, summery waves. Plus, while the style will lighten up your look, it’s still long enough to pull into a cute ponytail when days get too hot. 

Summer shag
If you like your hair with a little more texture, Kennison recommends a modern shag. Traditionally, the shag features layers that sometimes border on mullet territory, but updated versions focus on softer, face-framing layers that end somewhere between the collarbone and chest. Bangs are a fun addition to the shag and generally graze the eyebrows with a little bit more length on the sides. The modern shag looks great on people who want just a bit more texture, as well as curly haired folks looking to lighten their style in order to give their curls a bit more bounce. 

Amazing accessories 
Scrunchies, rhinestone clips, and velvet bows have gotten an undeserved bad rap for too long, and 2018 is the year they make their rightful comeback as the useful, fun hair tools they are. This year’s ponytails are a whole lot cuter thanks to an abundance of cloth-wrapped hair ties (okay, yes, they are scrunchies) that can actually look pretty chic in neutral colors. Rhinestone embellished bobby pins are an on-trend way to pull back bangs on hot days. And the fall and winter velvet fad lives on this summer in the form of velvet ribbons tied in bows around ponytails and buns for elegant up-dos on the hottest days.  

Pomp and circumstance 
Guys looking to be a bit more stylish this summer should consider growing their hair out just a little bit, according to Kennison. "It looks great when men leave a little length on the top while keeping the sides and back polished,” she says. "It’s all about the products and finding a stylist who can show guys how to use product while teaching him how to rock his new look.”

Necessity is the mother of invention, so if you find your current hairstyle just a little too hot this season, grab a few new hair accessories and see what up-dos you can create, or consult your stylist about which of these shorter styles might work best for you. 
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