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Blow Away Bad Hair Days
11/2/2017 4:30:22 PM

You don’t need a haircut yet, but you want that "just left the hair salon,” hair. You know, where you waltz out the salon, flip your hair, and run your fingers through your strands, as if you just stepped off the runway. Yeah, that feeling! 

It’s not a new concept to get your hair washed and styled without a trim. Many decades ago, it was common for women to get their hair washed and styled at a salon weekly. But that trend fell out of favor – until around 2010. According to Blush owners Sarabeth Price and AnnaBeth Guillory, original Drybar founder Alli Webb can be credited with "bringing the blowout back.” She was the first to design a business around blowouts. Webb noticed a gap in the market for women who wanted to get in and have their hair washed and styled without a cut. The concept is now trending with all ages and its popularity isn’t slowing down.

What is a blowout?  

The ladies at Blush define a blowout as, "a thorough wash and conditioning, including a trigger point scalp massage, and finishing steps using a round brush, blow dry, and style.” Trained hair technicians are skilled to work with all hair types and lengths. They can create hair styles for any type of occasion.  

Why get a blowout?

Special events like weddings, formals, reunions, or just a night out on the town are obvious occasions to need gorgeous flawless hair. But blowouts are ideal anytime. Sure, you can wash and style your hair at home, but a professional blowout is all about the pampering. A typical blowout experience offers complimentary beverages, a thorough scalp massage, and scented oil-infused towels. Plus, a great blowout can last several days. 

Benefits of the blowout

Besides being ultra-relaxing, there are other perks to getting a professional blowout. Blowouts add volume and make your hair look smooth and glossy. The gentle massage keeps your scalp and hair healthy. Professional salons use products that protect hair and minimize damage. And best of all, you walk out of the salon with super-model hair!

For more information, call Blush at 337-602-6627, see their website,, or find them on Facebook, @blushbeautyco.
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