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Celebrate Spring with these Nail Trends
4/2/2018 5:48:57 PM
Spring Nails

Cold winter temperatures mean bundling up and battling dry skin, especially raw, cracked cuticles; but spring weather is all about renewal -- shedding layers, brightening your wardrobe, and refreshing your nails and toes with a revitalizing mani/pedi. If you’re ready for warmer weather but your nails aren’t, here are some of the season’s most exciting trends in nail art and polish colors to get you beach vacation-ready. 

Minimalist Manis
After years of long, talon-like nails and over-the-top nail art trends, 2018 offers a return to simplicity -- with a twist. Some of the spring 2018 runways’ most beautiful manicures featured short, square nails painted in soft, barely there colors, like pale pink or pearl. But these simple manis stood out with the cool, abstract addition of a thin rim of bright white polish in a square pattern around the nail (think French manicure, but encircling the entire nail).  

Mirror-Finish Metallic
If lighter-than-air colors aren’t your style, take a cue from another element: heavy metals. Another huge trend this year is metallic shades like silver, gold, or even chrome. But the current set of stylish, metallic polishes feature a mirror finish, so you can see your sassy summer self in the reflection of your manicure. 

Graceful Gradient 
The ombre hair trend was all the rage a few years ago, and now it’s back, but this time, for nails. Some of the year’s most intricate mani/pedis feature a light color at the base of the nail that blends into a deeper shade at the tip. You can graduate bright yellow to fiery orange or sky blue to deep, mermaid green: the possibilities are endless. However, this look entails blending two or three separate nail polish colors with a sponge, so it’s probably best to take your favorite Pinterest photos of gradient nails to a professional and have this look done in a salon if you’re not a next-level nail art guru.  

Floral Finish
Florals are ubiquitous this spring. From flower-print dresses to full on floral-print suits, you’ll probably be hard pressed to walk into a clothing store any time soon and not feel like you’re stepping into a flower shop.

And if flower power is your passion, you’re in luck because floral prints are just as in for nails as they are for fabric. The key to a great floral manicure is subtlety. Paint your nails a low-key color, like millennial pink or even solid white, and then complete the look with a few complimentary floral nail stickers on one or two nails per hand or one or two toes per foot. File off any excess bits of sticker and finish with a topcoat of shiny, clear polish. Voila! You’ve got a stunning manicure that only looks like you spent hours in the salon!
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