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Coming Soon! Glo Sun Spa—the Ultimate Spa Experience
5/1/2019 1:00:00 PM


Now on the cusp of summer, our thoughts turn to sun, fun and all that goes with it. A tan invariably completes the picture. Many of us go to tanning salons, utilizing either a tanning bed/booth or spray tan, to get that perfect, sun-kissed look in a hurry.  

Mike Bennett bought DarQuest Tans in 2011. He’s enjoyed the ride so far, but currently, he’s embarking on a huge new undertaking. This summer, he’ll open Glo Sun Spa just a block down the street from his present location. And it is far from a simple tanning salon.

"We’re going from 2,000 square feet to 5,500,” says this dynamic businessman. Fit and tanned (of course), he looks much younger than his 43 years. What would make him take on such an enterprise? Bennett admits that Glo Sun Spa, a franchise out of Texas, heard about him on social media tanning forums and actually recruited him. "Our busy season runs from January through May,” Bennett explains. "I was looking to add other features to the business and then this came along. And really, we are maxed out for space at this location.”

Bennett is definitely one of those "Go Big or Go Home” types, and he certainly wasn’t planning on going home. Instead, he’s turning his tanning salon into a spa with a high-end resort feel that clients will love. 

The blueprints of the new building are nothing short of amazing. The two-story spa will have 22-foot ceilings and a marble and granite interior. From plush robes to eucalyptus-scented towels, Bennett has made sure that everyone gets the royal treatment. 

"We are going to be a wellness spa focusing on automated spa equipment, heath and wellness services, and luxury UV tanning/sunless tanning,” he explains. And the services are extensive. Along with tanning (Bennett says his current business did 78 tans in two days during Mardi Gras season), there will be cosmetic teeth whitening, hydro massage beds and massage chairs, Hot Yoga and Pilates, an oxygen bar and a juicery serving smoothies and Pure Press juices.

If you have seasonal allergies, a cold or asthma, you’ll be able to get sinus relief naturally without the use of medication in the Halotherapy Salt Booth. A 20-minute session will clear your sinuses and provide an upper respiratory detox allowing you to breathe and sleep better. 

There will also be a salt flotation room. Unlike a flotation tank, which can trigger claustrophobia, this will be an open room where you can lie back in soothing salt water and float your cares away. 

For skin problems, there are red and blue light treatments: Red helps reduce wrinkles and lines, promotes skin repair and rejuvenates cells; blue is great for teens suffering from acne by killing bacteria and reducing inflammation and redness.

Cryotherapy is a dry, non-invasive, hyper-cooling process that lowers your skin temperature to 30ºF during a session of up to 180 seconds. It helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, joint and muscle pain, skin conditions and disorders, muscle recovery, enhanced energy, burn calories and more.

There’s also an IV Infusion Drip Lounge, offering nine different "cocktails” for your needs.  Infusions are mixes of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in an IV solution. 

There are drips that restore energy, help with immune system issues, and so on. Did you party too hard last night? There’s a cocktail for that, aptly called the Hangover Drip, which cleanses your liver and combats dehydration the morning after. There’s even a "before” drip you can take the day of an especially big night when you know you’re going to overindulge. And it gets better. "We’re going to have the very first mobile IV unit in the area,” Bennett says. "We can come to you, if need be; your hotel room at the casino, for example.”

The spa will be membership-based, and if you think it’s going to be expensive, think again. "We will be offering memberships for $79.99 per month,” Bennett says. 

Of the current 28 Glo Sun Spa locations, three are in Louisiana and include Lake Charles, Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Lake Charles will be the biggest, by far. And Bennett is in the process of acquiring the Lafayette franchise. 


Glo Sun Spa will be located at 3943 Ryan St., Lake Charles and will open sometime this summer. Go to for the latest information.

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