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DIY Tricks for Jewelry Organizaiton
1/31/2018 9:57:36 PM
DIY Storage

Lurking in the depths of most jewelry boxes is the dreaded necklace clump: that knot of seldom-worn necklaces latched onto one another in tangles that take hours to unravel. And if the necklace clump isn’t bad enough, the jewelry box is also where pairs of earrings go to separate and bangle bracelets break away from their peers and start a solo act. Honestly, dumping jewelry into one big box probably isn’t the best way to store it. If you’re tired of fighting your favorite pieces free every morning, try these simple tips for getting jewelry organized.

Tray chic
The same trays that keep your silverware separated are great for jewelry as well. Pick up some cheap utensil dividers and give your jewelry a designated space in a dresser drawer. Ice trays also make great storage dividers for rings and earrings. 

One of the simplest ways to keep necklaces from getting tangled is to store them vertically and turn them into an elegant addition to your bedroom décor. Just hang a few pieces of corkboard and drape necklaces over pretty pins. You’ll keep your dangly jewelry organized and turn your baubles into wall art.

Foam party 
If you’ve got a ton of jewelry, get rid of the clutter by moving it into an inexpensive plastic storage bin with sliding drawers, since they’re usually the perfect height to stash out of sight in a closet or under the sink. To avoid a disorganized ball of stray earrings and forgotten bracelets, line each drawer with foam and pin items in neat rows, just like you would on the corkboards.

In plain sight 
To avoid searching for a stray earring when you’re already running ten minutes late, keep your most-worn pieces right on top of your dresser. Avoid losing them and give your dresser a mini-makeover in the process by grabbing a few unique bowls, ring stands, or even china saucers to give each well-loved ring, bracelet and necklace its own space. Another cute dresser-top storage option is to buy an artist’s palette from a craft store and use the separate compartments to divvy up your everyday jewelry.

And if you’re tired of tangling with your necklaces every morning but don’t have the time, energy, or space to invest in an intricate organization system, you can always drape stray necklaces across a dresser mirror to give a bedroom a glamorous old-Hollywood look while also keeping your jewelry neat and orderly. Talk about multi-tasking! 
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