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Dress Your Size & Shape
10/30/2018 12:52:56 PM
Dress Your Shape and Size

Wearing a great outfit is sometimes all it takes to have a great day. But as most of us aren’t shaped like department store mannequins, one person’s awesome ensemble could be another person’s irritatingly clingy or oddly baggy fashion nightmare. Choosing your favorite features and accentuating them accordingly is the key to feeling comfortable, looking great, and developing a sophisticated personal style.  Here are the ways that highlighting different areas of your body can help put your best features forward.

Accentuate your waist
Who it works for: Those with waists noticeably smaller than bust and hips, commonly called the "hourglass” shape or those without much difference between hip width and waist width.

Pieces to try: Whether you have a smaller waist and wider hips or are looking to create the illusion of a more defined waistline, pieces that cinch at the waist will fit like a dream. Look for wider legged pants that are belted at the waist, wrap dresses, and tops that sit just at your natural waistline. If you feel daring, look for dresses with waist cutouts for an on-trend and flattering outfit.  

Accentuate your legs
Who it works for: Just about everyone! Especially if you’ve got a slim lower half but carry weight around your tummy. Showing off your gams will elongate your body.

Pieces to try: Mini skirts were made for you! And in the chilly winter months, short skirts look great with fleece lined leggings and tall boots. You can even pair your skirts with long, flowy jackets to further elongate your body and give you the effortless, boho-chic look of an Instagram influencer. According to Catina Coats, owner of Catina Couture in Lake Charles, a skater dress is also a flattering, easy way to show a little leg. "I love a great skater dress because it flares out from the waist and creates a flattering and feminine shape whether your body type is curvy or straight,” Coats says. 

Accentuate your shoulders
Who it works for: Sometimes we forget how flattering showing a little shoulder can be! If you’re narrow on top and curvy on the bottom, accentuating your top half is a great way to balance your look. 

Pieces to try: If you’re narrow on top, don’t hide those pretty shoulders and collar bones! Look for classic, elegant boat neck or V-neck tops. Choosing shirts with embellishments will also call attention to your upper body. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment!
All too often, we decide styles aren’t right for us without ever attempting to try the style tailored to our unique body shapes. For example, Coats says one style that’s generally flattering for everyone but often overlooked is the jumpsuit. "Believe it or not, jumpsuits can look great on just about everyone if you buy one that fits your torso,” Coats says. "The problem is, most boutiques will choose jumpsuits randomly by style and print never considering different body types. We shop for specific body types, for instance women with longer legs and torsos as well as women with shorter legs and torsos.

Finding a fit that doesn’t sag or add bulk is also important. "The best fit for most women is a tailored jumpsuit without elasticated or gathered waist seams, since these can add bulk to your midsection, front and back, and make an otherwise flattering silhouette look dumpy.”

When it comes to clothing, feeling good is just as important as looking good. And chances are, if an outfit makes you feel incredible, you probably look great! 
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