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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Microbladed
5/3/2018 8:42:20 PM

Full, arched eyebrows accentuate eyes and give the entire face a fresh, youthful energy. But most of us aren’t born with perfectly shaped brows; that’s why there’s an entire industry devoted to penciling and painting the eyebrows we wish we had. But if getting up every morning to draw on a set of beautiful brows isn’t your thing, microblading could be the beauty hack you’ve been looking for.

What is microblading?

According to Mattie Catania, owner and operator of Allure Permanent Makeup and More, "Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup tattooing procedure that enhances the overall appearance of eyebrows.” Instead of using permanent tattoo needles, which drive pigment deep into the skin, microblading uses tiny needles that distribute pigment into shallower cuts, creating temporarily fuller brows. 

What kinds of eyebrows work best for microblading?

Catania says she has clients of all ages and brow types, though only those over eighteen can legally undergo the procedure. "For girls in their twenties, microblading eases their daily routine,” Catania says. "I also have clients in their eighties who have very thin brows due to age or over-plucking, and we literally reconstruct a brow for them.” Microblading is also a useful process for people with medical conditions that cause eyebrows to thin or fall out, such as alopecia or chemotherapy-related hair loss. 
Does it hurt?

Like any tattoo, microblading hurts at least a little, according to Catania. "On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most painful tattoo you’ve ever gotten, I’d say it’s in the two to three range,” Catania says. 

Unlike microblading, permanent tattoos require heavier gauge needles that pierce deeper into the skin. Plus, most tattoo artists generally don’t numb clients before the procedure. Catania, along with many other microblading experts, uses topical numbing agents throughout the experience to help reduce discomfort. 

Does it last?

Unlike permanent tattooing, microblading isn’t forever. It usually takes about two initial sessions to create a perfect microbladed brow. After that, microbladed brows generally require touch-ups every six months or so to stay perfectly shaped and colored. 

How can you be sure you’ll end up with brows you love?

If you’re considering microblading, it’s incredibly important to find an expert who not only has experience, but also creates the kind of brow you’re going for. If you’re looking for a thick, dark Kardashian brow, you might find yourself unhappy with a brow artist who specializes in more natural looks. 

"First of all, make sure your microblader is trained and certified,” Catania says. "And look for examples of their work on Facebook and Instagram, as well as reviews. No two microbladers are the same. Everybody has their own style, and it’s important to make sure that style is right for you.” 
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