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Facemasks Are this Year’s Most In-Demand Fashion Accessory
8/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
Facemask In-Demand Fashion

This time last year, no one could have predicted that facemasks would be a life-saving summer must have, but in 2020 covering faces in public has become the most conscientious thing each of us can do for our neighbors’ (and our own) well-being. And while perhaps no one is necessarily excited about masks, they don’t have to be a total bummer. Here are a few ways fashionistas can stay stylish and safe. 

Cowboy-inspired scarves are surprisingly versatile 

Not since the spaghetti Westerns of the golden age of Hollywood have bandanas been quite so in-demand. And take it from decades of stylish festival goers who routinely keep their outfits as currant while keeping dust off their glitter makeup, bandanas also go with everything. A classic black bandana is the moto jacket of facemasks, giving an outfit a touch of biker cool. And a white bandana creates a surprisingly fun and feminine accessory paired with a floral summer dress. 

Face shields can actually be fashion forward

Those who really don’t like having cloth over their noses and mouths might try a plastic face shield. But face shields don’t have to look like props from the movie Contagion.

On websites like Amazon and Etsy, face shields in hologram colors are incredibly popular. Plus, tinted face shields can double as sun visors. 

Play with patterns

While there’s nothing wrong with the standard, medical-issue mask (which has quickly become the little black dress of face masks) many big-name designers are making facemasks in a variety of interesting patterns. And buying a handmade facemask from local craftsman, as long as they follow CDC guidelines, is an excellent way to support struggling businesses and out-of-work artisans. 

Accessorize your outfits

Because we might very well be needing our facemasks for quite some time, now’s a great time to start thinking as facemasks as part of an outfit—like a great necklace or just the right pair of shoes. For example, a red sundress with a floral print facemask makes for a fresh summer look, or a fun tie dye facemask with a vintage-inspired band tee makes for a complete, and completely safe, fashion statement. For those who really want a coordinated look, consider a matching facemask and scrunchie or headband combo. 

COVID-19 has put a damper on many of our summer plans, but enjoying the outdoors, while keeping a safe distance from our neighbors, is still possible. Wearing facemasks is a show of support for the entire community, but they need not be boring. Experiment with as many guideline-following masks as it takes to feel comfortable, and even a bit cute, in a variety of masks! 

Find fashionable facemasks at the following locally-owned shops:

Accessory Zone 

Mimosa Boutique 

Niche Creative Studio

Queen of Threads Monogramming

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