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Fall Fashion Preview 2018
8/28/2018 9:57:31 AM
Fall Fashion

The days are getting shorter, and fashion lovers everywhere are looking forward to putting those sundresses and swimsuits in storage and focusing on autumn looks. After years of 90s- and 70s-inspired fashion that focused on plaid, flannel, and even saw the return of the (ath)leisure suit, runways for fall 2018 finally gave us something different. And if you’re a fan of 80s fashion, you’re in luck, as some of the hottest looks for fall might make you nostalgic for Michael Landon and Debra Winger.  

All ruched up
Ruching is the term used to describe a strip of fabric, usually at the seams or in the center, on clothing that’s gathered in order to cause a rippling effect. It was big in the 80s, and this fall, ruching is back. This year, it’s more streamlined and less costume-y than the puffy prom dresses of the Reagan era. Look for ruching on tops, pants, and even coats to add a bit sophisticated flair to everyday looks.  

A prairie affair
Another throwback classic getting a modern makeover for fall 2018 is the prairie dress. Inspired by the iconic looks from TV’s Little House on the Prairie, the new dresses are a bit more fitted in the waist, and most designers have ditched the frilly bib and instead replaced it with delicate lace details at the sleeves, waist, and hem. It’s a romantic look for a cozy fall date night in cooler weather.

Head-to-toe red
Red was the star of the runway as this season’s power color. Of course, red never really goes out of fashion, but this year’s bold suits featuring cropped pants and slightly oversized jackets really stood out. 

Urban cowboys (and girls)
If you never really got over Debra Winger riding the mechanical bull in Urban Cowboy, this is your year. Vintage style western shirts, complete with giant pockets and pearl snaps are big for both men and women. The most standout styles come in pastels and florals, but the humble Western-style denim shirt is huge for fall, as well. 

Destroyed denim 
This fall, fashion-focused men and women should be prepared to answer the question, "Can’t you afford some new jeans?” from every wannabe comedian in town, because jeans ripped at the knees and distressed around the pockets are back with a vengeance. Denim on denim is also a hot trend for fall this year, so if you invest in the aforementioned denim shirt, be sure to pair it with your distressed jeans. 

Of course, there’s still life left in the hottest trends of seasons past, like athleisure, florals, and plaids, and many of those trends will pair well with this year’s looks. For example, a denim shirt looks great with last year’s leggings or even track pants, and a new, ruched skirt with spring’s floral blouses will breathe new life into a look that might be feeling a little tired. Fashion is all about mixing it up; greet the cooler weather with a killer combination of spring and summer favorites paired with new fall fashions.
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