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Fall Fashion Preview
8/1/2019 1:00:00 PM
Fall Fashion Preview

It seems like summer only started, but soon, beach days will come to an end as kids are back in school and preparation for cooler weather begins. At least there are plenty of fun new fall fashion trends to get your wardrobe autumn-ready. 

Get the Slip

There’s something about a slip dress that brings to mind the sultry summer setting of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but slip dresses work for fall and winter as well. The secret is layering. The slip dresses that are on-trend for fall are loose fitting, which makes them perfect layering pieces. Add a white tee shirt or sheer long-sleeved shirt underneath your favorite summer slip dress and add a denim or moto jacket on top, and viola, instant fall style that looks straight from the runways. 

Satin season

Fall’s best slip dresses often come in satin-y fabrics that feel as great as they look. But if slips aren’t your thing, satin midi skirts, which are pencil skirts that hit just below the knee are also huge for fall. This season’s satin skirts are also incredibly versatile. Dress them up up with a romantic oversized sweater or down with a cropped concert tee and denim jacket. 


Dressy duffels

For far too long, the duffel bag has been relegated to gym lockers. That’s a shame because the characteristic barrel shape can actually fit a lot of stuff without looking bulky. Fall’s duffel-shaped handbags are the rare fashion trend that combines utility with style, a nice break from the teeny cross body bags that have been in style the past couple of years. 

Jewel hues

After a few seasons full of soft pinks and floral prints, this fall’s most sought after colors are a bit bolder, which is a nice break from all the pastels. Fall’s best blouses, suiting, and even leather jackets come in deep shades of sapphire, ruby, emerald, and garnet. And if you can’t get enough color, pairing a bold jewel-toned suit with a bright bag in a complementary jewel hue is a fun way to play with the trend. 

Back to buckets

If you’ve found yourself missing the bucket hats last spotted in 1999, well, you’re in luck because you’re about to see them everywhere, on both men and women alike. Look for sporty styles from brands like Columbia and The North Face. Or if you’re really into the classics, opt for an Adidas bucket hat that looks straight off the set of Clueless. 

The best thing about fall fashion is that a great new jacket or a few new accessories can turn those same sundresses or tee shirts you’ve been wearing all summer into a completely new look. Take stock of your favorite summer pieces to see how they might work with fall’s most fashion-forward trends. 

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