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Feeling Fancy: Tips for Quick and Easy Holiday Hair
12/6/2016 9:37:18 AM

Planning the best outfit for every Christmas party, gift exchange, play, program, and dinner, not to mention finding a New Year’s Eve-worthy look, can leave many of us exhausted before we even step out the door. However, nothing levels up a holiday outfit like a great hairstyle. Here are a few tricks for hair-dos so fun they compete with even your sparkliest Christmas sweater.

Side Braid

This is like the French braid’s more stylish older sister. Take medium to long hair and add a dime sized amount of styling product from middle to ends, then gather hair at the ear to braid two larger sections with a smaller section. Secure the ends with an elastic and lightly swipe fingers along the braid to give it a messy look. Add sparkly bobby pins or break up a glittery plastic hair comb and stick pieces into the braid at random to make it even more dressed up.


This 2016 runway staple is surprisingly flattering on almost everyone. Gather hair tightly at the crown and twist until it forms a compact bun. Wrap a ponytail holder around the bun until it’s tightly secured. Then slick up the sides with pomade until there are no flyaways, but use your fingers to mess up the topknot just a little so it’s not too severe. Put on your favorite bright lipstick and go!

Deep Part with a Twist

Make your part one inch deeper than normal using the sharp end of a rat-tailed comb to get it ruler straight. Then take the front strands of hair (the ones that are probably hanging in your eyes from the new part) and break them into two sections. Twist each section from the roots to about an inch from the tip and pin each back in three places with bobby pins. Again, stroke the twists from ends upwards to make them a bit messy.

Hidden Headband

Part hair as usual, or down the center for a more romantic look, and adjust a circular headband (the kind that stretches around the whole head with elastic in the back) so that the top is about half an inch behind the hairline. Take small sections of hair and twist them up and over, then tuck them back into the headband. The more sections you twist and tuck, the better it looks. Don’t forget to do a few pieces around the ears and one or two at the temple for a more cohesive style.

There’s no need to go to the salon for a great holiday head of hair. Some of the best styles don’t take hours; they just look like they did.

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