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Five Tips For Going Platinum Without Destroying Your Hair
3/9/2017 10:13:11 AM

It’s been a white winter, full of celebrities dying their hair platinum blonde, and the trend shows signs of powering ahead through spring. White blonde is a great look that works on a lot of different skin tones. It also lends a classic-Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe touch of femininity to any hairstyle, whether it’s long waves or a chopped pixie. But going platinum blonde takes a lot of effort and patience. Here’s what to know before taking the plunge.

Don’t Try This at Home

Drug store aisles are packed with boxes of at-home bleaching kits that look like cheap and easy alternatives to pricy salon treatments. Don’t fall for it! While home coloring looks good with some darker shades, lightening up usually takes multiple processes by a professional. Ask any hairdresser and they’ll tell your horror stories of clients coming in with patchy orange hair and burned ends from trying to go blonde in their own bathrooms.

Expect to Splurge

Getting the perfect shade of icy blonde can cost three or four hundred dollars. If you’re thinking of making the change, call around and ask for pricing on a "double process,” which means the stylist will lighten the hair with bleach and then apply a toner to reach the right shade of blonde. Cheaper isn’t always better; the more experienced the colorist, the closer you’ll get to the blonde of your dreams.

Be Patient

Going platinum blonde doesn’t happen over a lunch break. Expect to spend all day at the salon. A good stylist will test a patch of hair to see how quickly your hair naturally lightens, and it may take a few rounds of bleaching and toning to lift your hair to the desired color. If you’ve previously dyed your hair, don’t lie! It can affect the color process and some dyed colors (like red) are harder to lift than others.

Easy Does It

To avoid damaging your hair, your stylist will probably use Olaplex, which heals broken hair during the bleaching process. While Olaplex will keep hair healthy during the chemical process, it also dilutes the color formula, which adds time to your appointment. But again, the key to a perfectly platinum head of hair is patience.

Don’t Overwash

If you normally wash your hair every day, going blonde will be a shock. The chemical process dries hair out, so even if the roots are a little greasy, the ends never really seem dirty. To keep hair from getting too brittle, invest in a good salon-quality shampoo and conditioner and wash only the roots about twice a week, then leave conditioner on the ends for as long as possible in the shower. Use dry shampoo for root touch ups on the days in between.

Despite all this hard work, an orange tinge could creep in between appointments. There are a few products, like purple shampoo and conditioner (found in both salons and drug stores), that many blondes swear by for battling brassiness. And unless you’re into the dark roots look (very stylish at the moment), expect to touch up the color every four weeks or so.

If you’re exhausted just reading this, platinum blonde is not for you! However, it’s a fun shade that many say gives a major confidence boost, so if you’re still on board, go for it!

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