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Four Looks Fashion Forward Men are Trying This Spring
3/9/2017 10:10:47 AM

When it comes to trying new clothing trends, all too often, women get to have all the fun. But this spring, men are probably going to want to get in on the hottest looks showcased on runways in New York and Paris. This year saw the resurgence of some old favorites, and unlike years past, comfort seemed to take center stage.

Think 90s

If you’ve seen girls running around in chokers and flannel, you’ve probably noticed that for the past year, women’s fashion has centered on a time when Nirvana played on pop radio rather than classic rock stations. This spring, the 1990s are back for men as well, starting with athletic logos. Those old Fila, Champion, Reebok, and even Umbro branded sweats and tees are back in a major way. Think classic logos with simple, primary colored backgrounds. Like the Nevermind album, some things are classics for a reason.

Camo Comeback

This year, it’s safe to bring your hunting gear out of the woods, sort of. High-end brands like Givenchy and Valentino sent camouflage-print windbreakers down their spring 2017 runways, and more affordable brands like ASOS (which has a killer new men’s plus-size line) are selling great looking camo-print tees and jackets right now. Of course, vintage and army surplus stores are also excellent sources for oversized camouflage shirt jackets, which give off an effortlessly cool vibe in still-chilly months before summer.

Wide(er) Legged Pants

The Mad Men effect is finally wearing off, and men’s pants are loosening up a little. If the "skinny” trend has been annoying you this past decade or so, you’re in for a treat. Brands like J. Crew are selling trousers with a much more relaxed fit and bigger legs this spring, so pants will fit lower in the waist and have a bit more room to breathe.

Sunny Side Up

LSU fans, rejoice! This year, you should be able to find plenty of gold, as yellow was the hottest color on the runway at Hermes and Gucci. In years past, salmon or pink has been the "daring” color for the most fashion forward men to try, but this year, it’s all about looking at the bright side. Mix it up with a yellow Polo shirt or even a bright yellow windbreaker over a grey or white tee, just avoid pairing it with black, lest you look like a bumble bee or a Mizzou fan.

Who says caring about clothes can’t be manly? There’s nothing better than a man who takes care of himself and feels great, inside and out!

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