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Guys’ Grooming Just Got a Little More Fun
3/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Last May, owners Patty Williamson and Wade Wilson decided to bring together the idea of a favorite pub and a full-service salon with ManCave and The Social Club (a full service bar attached to the salon.) ManCave offers haircuts, facials, straight razor shaves, scalp metrics, massages and waxing. According to Williamson, the salon attracts men of all ages and backgrounds. 

"We see everyone from little boys to grown men in here,” Williamson says. "A lot of young guys but older men as well. Everyone from construction workers to lawyers to doctors.” And if the idea of a great haircut and a close shave isn’t enough to draw you in, the complimentary cocktail that comes with every service is a pretty nice perk. Mancave is also a great place to hang out with buddies or even make new friends. 

"A lot of times guys come in before their appointments just to spend time hanging out or even stop by the bar afterwards just visiting,” Williamson says.  If you’d like to try out a new look but aren’t sure what to ask for, salon manager Kayla Marie Kennedy says getting suggestions from stylists is never a problem. 

"Our stylists give the best advice,” Kennedy says. "Some men come in, and when you ask what they want they say ‘I don’t know. Just shorter. But we all talk to the individual customer to come up with a unique look that will look best on that particular customer.” And men who never thought they’d love a salon often find themselves trying new things after a couple of visits. 

"Guys who might feel a little judged or uncomfortable at a regular salon can come in, have a drink, and get to experience some pampering,” Kennedy says. 
If you’ve always wanted the full salon and spa experience without all the frills of a more traditional place, why not grab a few guy friends and book a day of bro-centric pampering at ManCave? You won’t even have to debate where to grab drinks afterward. 

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