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Hair Tips for Girls with Curls
3/5/2018 12:33:38 PM

Every decade has its own rules for how tame hair should be. The 80s were all about the power perm and a set of hot rollers, while the 90s and early 2000s saw the rise of the flat iron. But decades past shared one thing in common: natural curls were meant to be tamed in the name of fashion. 

However, the times are changing, according to Noelle Mills of Signatures Salon. "We are seeing more and more people embrace their natural texture,” she says. Here are some tips for making the most of your natural curl.

Get to know your curls

There are many types of curl, and each type requires its own care. Hair that dries wavy tends to be frizzier and prone to turn puffy in humidity. Curly hair has a natural "S” shape and can easily be weighted down by too much product, giving it a "greasy” look. Kinky hair is very tightly coiled, and is the driest of all hair types, making it very fragile. 

Make moisture a priority 

Whether your hair is a bit wavy or incredibly curly, you probably need more moisture than someone with stick straight strands. 
"The most most common issues with curly hair are frizz, puffiness, and dryness,” Mills says. "Curls have a tendency to be more coarse and dry.”

Finding a conditioner created specifically for curly hair to add moisture without weighing curls down is imperative for perfectly styled curls. Ask your stylist what he or she recommends for your hair type. 

Shampoo selectively 

This may sound strange, but curls are best left unwashed. Sodium lauryl sulfate, the active ingredient in most shampoos, is a salt, which is great for getting rid of oil, but not so great for those trying to lock in moisture. Of course, you don’t have to stop shampooing entirely, just try to limit the number of washes to a few a week and wash only the scalp (which is the only part that tends to get greasy). Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. 

Lay off the alcohol

If you hate "crunchy” looking curls, look for hair products without alcohol. Hairspray is the worst offender when it comes to alcohol, but many gels and mousses have it, too. Look for products that are specifically made for curly hair and don’t list alcohol as their first ingredient. 

"Our best seller for natural-looking curls is Bumble and Bumble’s mousse,” says Mills.  "Our curly-haired clients and staff swear by it because it is not crunchy. Bumble and Bumble also has an anti-humidity gel oil that’s a favorite and one of the best sellers in the curl line.”

Getting great curls might be a process of trial and error, but if you’re tired of spending hours attempting to style your curly hair only to have it puff back up again in the humidity, ask your stylist about the best way to go natural.
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