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How to Find Your Style and Cultivate Your Perfect Wardrobe
5/30/2018 3:45:37 PM

What you wear can be a huge confidence booster when you get it right. The tricky thing is, there are so many options, trends come and go, and you change a lot, too. What you wear should make you feel good and be a source of comfort when you step into the world. It’s like your armor that only works when you feel like you’re workin’ it. 

So how do you find a style and cultivate a wardrobe that feels right in an industry that is always changing? 

Stop Planning for a Lifetime
When you think about what type of clothing you want to wear, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It can feel like each piece you buy has to not only fit your style right now, but also mold with you through every stage of life. It’s as if cultivating a wardrobe equates to creating an identity. But remember -- trends change, clothes change, and you change. It will happen whether your wardrobe fits it or not. So when you contemplate your style, don’t think about what your style will say about you tomorrow or what style will fit you forever. Find pieces that feel good right now.

Use Pinterest
Pinterest is the ultimate window shopping tool. It’s a great help when you want to see what your wardrobe could look like without actually committing to anything. Here’s how:
  • Make a style board.
  • Scavenge all the different style boards Pinterest has to offer and pin everything that catches your eye.
  • Take note of any recurring patterns within your pins: colors, styles, pieces, etc.
  • Delete anything that isn’t cohesive with most of the board.
  • From what’s left, make a detailed list of garments you love and look for those pieces the next time you’re out shopping.

Understand your Body Type
When something doesn’t fit right, it can make you feel like your body is the problem when really the style may just not work for your body type. The beauty of fashion today is that every style and body type is considered when designing new pieces. Don’t fall into the negative body image trap. Look through body type guides and make sure you’re getting an accurate idea of what your body type really is. When in doubt, simply try garments on!

Look at What you Already Have
Open the closet doors and dresser drawers and take out every single clothing item you own. Remove anything that’s outdated or has holes, rips, etc. Try on whatever is left. If it doesn’t feel amazing, set it aside or get rid of it. Holding onto things that bring you down can hold you back from having a wardrobe that really makes you feel good.

Let Go of the "Instagram-Worthy” Mentality
It’s easy to feel pressure with social media these days. It can make you feel like you need to buy something you don’t love just "for the gram.” That, and seeing other people share their perfect wardrobes all the time can make your own wardrobe feel lackluster in comparison. If you create a wardrobe you love based on pieces that work for you, you will feel confident regardless of what other people are buying. If you feel confident, Instagram will love you no matter what you’re wearing. 
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