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How to Use Sea Salt to Style Your Hair
6/1/2017 12:58:12 PM

Ever notice how hair just looks better at the beach? The mixture of sun, sand, and salt water gives hair a sexy, messy look that’s easy to achieve when you’re drinking daiquiris at a seaside seafood shack but much harder to maintain year-round. However, there are a whole host of sea salt hair products out there to keep you in summer-worthy waves no matter the season. 

What is it?

The most common sea salt hair product is a simple spray containing extracts of salt and seaweed that gives hair the same texture as swimming in ocean water, sort of like putting seawater in a bottle. According to Lensi White, master stylist and salon educator at Signatures salon, Lake Charles, an overwhelmingly positive response to sprays has resulted in many brands expanding their sea salt offerings. "Bumble and Bumble [a line of salon-quality beauty products] now has a whole line of shampoo, conditioner, oil infusion spray, surf spray, and blow dry spray to give that salty texture to all hair types,” White says.

Who can use it?

Whether you have curly or straight hair, long or short, sea salt spray is a great way to add texture and volume. Sea salt will give natural curls a bit more definition. Naturally wavy hair also gets a bit curlier as a reaction to the salt. And even those with naturally straight hair will see a boost in texture and volume with a few spritzes. Men might benefit from using sea salt as well, since the added texture can make hair appear fuller.

Is it difficult?

Using sea salt is one of the simplest ways to give hair some serious style with minimal effort. "It’s easy,” White says. "Just spray it onto damp hair, hand style, and air dry.” Or, if you prefer to style hair with heat tools, like curling irons, blow dry and style as normal and then add a bit of sea salt spray for a messier texture that actually helps styles stay put.

One of the drawbacks of beautiful beach hair is the dryness that often comes along with the texture-building sand. However, White says there are a few products on the market right now that are attempting to solve that problem. One is Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion that combines its popular sea salt spray with a moisture-rich oil so hair stays smooth and shiny. "But your ends still look like they were dipped in the ocean,” White says. 

So if the end of your vacation leaves you feeling bummed by the lack of good hair days, bring back your beach look with a bit of sea salt.  

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