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Lots of Lash: A Guide to Eyelash Extensions, Tinting, & Lash Lifting
10/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Lots of Lash

If you’ve been watching TV shows like The Bachelor recently, you may have noticed that many of the women sport long, natural looking lashes, even when they don’t seem to be wearing any mascara. Those effortlessly great lashes are most likely due to eyelash extensions, lifting, and tinting. 

A decade ago, if we wanted longer lashes, we went to the drug store and bought strip lashes and a tube of messy eyelash glue. These days, there are quite a few more options. For example, lash extensions, in which individual lashes attached by a specialist with special glue, can last weeks. Additionally, lash lifts and tints can provide darker, fuller lashes without adding any false lashes.

But with so many options, it can be hard to know exactly what’s right for you. We talked to the lash specialists at Blush Beauty Co. in Lake Charles about the services they offer and all the options to look for when you visit a lash bar. 

What’s the process for getting lash extensions? 

Getting lash extensions that are right for you is a tiny bit more complicated than strolling into the salon and sitting in a chair, according to Assistant Manager Savannah Demmerle at Blush Beauty Co. "The first thing the lash artist will do is have a consultation with the client to gain an understanding about what look the client is wanting. The artist will discuss how we can give them the look they want while giving them a healthy proper set of lashes.”

To save time, Blush offers a truly unique service – consultations via FaceTime!

What options are available?

Not everyone wants the same lash look. For those wanting subtle thickening and lengthening, Demmerle recommends what Blush calls the "Flirt Set,” which is one lash extension attached to one natural lash. But for those who want bold, thick lashes, Blush also offers the "Fierce Set” using something she calls the "volume technique,” wherein the lash artist makes a fan of two to seven individual lash extensions, which are then attached to an individual lash so that you multiply the number of lashes you have. 

And for those who want a little bit of volume but perhaps not as much as the Fierce Set offers, Blush also has a hybrid option, a combination of the classic and fanning techniques customized to you preference. No matter which service you choose, Demmerle says you can expect to spend about two to three hours having your lashes applied. Also, the extensions will need to be maintained with a refill every two and a half to three weeks. 

Are there other options?

For those who aren’t sure they want to make the jump to extensions, Blush also offers lash lifts, which keep lashes curled for over a month. "A lash lift is basically a very mild perm for your lashes,” Demmerle says. "The lashes are formed around a silicon rod, a perm solution is applied to lift, then a neutralizer is applied to lock the lift in place. The result makes the lashes more curled and visible, like using an eyelash curler. The result lasts about six to eight weeks.”

And if you’re looking for darker lashes, you can also get a lash tint, either on its own or in addition to your lash lift. "This gentle color is applied to the lashes immediately after the lift and darkens the lashes,” adds Demmerle. "The tint will last up to four weeks. The entire process takes about 40 minutes.”

Lash services are perfectly safe for your natural lashes, leaving them undamaged if you decide extensions, lifts, and tints aren’t for you. So there’s no reason not to lash out! 

For more information or to make an appointment, call ( 337) 602-6627 or see their website,

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