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Loungewear is the New Athleisure
6/1/2020 10:22:32 AM
Athleisure Wear

Now more than ever, most of us are considering comfort over most other features when choosing new additions to our wardrobe. In past years, athleisure has been all the rage, but this summer, loungewear as day wear has taken the place of sportier styles. Unlike athleisure wear, which are basically dressed-up gym clothes like fitted leggings and tanks, loungewear is all about relaxing—think shorts with elastic waistbands with flowy tops that leave plenty of room to breathe. And while loungewear might feel just as comfortable as a great set of pajamas, it can also definitely be stylish enough to wear out of the house.  

Set it up

Many brands offer loungewear in matching sets that aren’t sold as separates. These pants, shorts, or even skirts generally come with a matching top that gives the entire look a purposeful, well put together look that seems more intentional than simply throwing on a big tee shirt and the closest, comfiest pants in reach. Sets are also economical, often costing much less than the two items would on their own. If you’re looking for sleek sweats, summer is a great time to find deals on soft fleece sets that are just as cozy when the A/C is cranked up high as they are around a December fire. 

Think Earth tones

A pair of soft cotton lounge pants in an earthy beige or sage tone look sleek and put together no matter where you’re going. In fact, keeping all loungewear neutral and avoiding loud colors and prints like those that might be used for pajamas is a great way to make loungewear look incredibly chic. Also, opting for a monochromatic look makes the entire outfit look simultaneously intentional and effortless. 

Try a French tuck

And while loungewear might feel to some like "cheating” by wearing too comfy, free-flowing clothes outside the house, making an effort to style clothes to be a bit more form-fitting could help with the transition to the more casual style. Try a French tuck when wearing loungewear out and about by tucking a bit of the front of a shirt in at the waistband. Tucking an inch or two of fabric in at the center of the torso or just off to the side creates a nipped-in waist that makes the entire outfit look more pulled together without sacrificing comfort. 

Don’t forget to accessorize 

Just because you’ve adopted loungewear doesn’t mean you have to give up fun accessories. In fact, dressing up with bold socks, stylish sandals, and even statement jewelry can make all the difference in a loungewear-inspired look. Adding deliberate finishing touches not only makes your outfit look well-planned, it also makes the style uniquely your own! 

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