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9/1/2019 1:00:00 PM


In the past few years, skincare masques have become a staple of many people’s beauty routines, but those in the know also swear by hair masques for shiny, smooth hair that looks salon-fresh right at home. Here’s the lowdown on how hair masques work and choosing the masque that’s right for you. 

Hair masques really do work

If you use conditioner each time you shower, you may be wondering why you need to sit around for half an hour with some goo in your hair to boost shine and promote overall healthier, more manageable strands. Well, the thing is, you’re probably not leaving your conditioner in your hair long enough to really penetrate the cuticle and make an obvious, lasting impact on your hair. According to Master Stylist Lensi White at Signatures Salon in Lake Charles, hair masques, when applied correctly, can ensure that nourishing ingredients go beyond the surface of strands for tangible effects.

 "If you have processed hair a masque will be your extra best friend,” White says. "And if you have extra long hair, think about it, that hair has been with you for years, so it needs extra care and maintenance to keep that luster we all love. A masque will do the trick. A prestige high quality hair masque will make your hair extra glossy and makes it feel soft to the touch.”

Here’s how to use hair masques, according to the experts. First, wash your hair like you normally would with shampoo, but skip the conditioner. Then towel your hair until it’s damp but not dripping and evenly spread the hair masque on your hair from roots to tips, either finger combing it through or gently using a wide-tooth comb. Wrap your head in a warm towel and let the product sit for about half an hour before rinsing, shampooing, and using conditioner on your ends. 

But hair masques are not a magic weapon to repair split ends

However, if you are hoping hair masques will be a cure for split ends, you will most likely be disappointed. If hair is dry, damaged, or just dull-looking, hair masques can be the boost you need to get shinier, easier-to-style strands. Once ends have split, the damage has been done and the only solution is a haircut. But there is a silver lining; some stylists say that regularly using hair masques a few times a month can prevent future damage.  

Know your hair type to decide what you need

Not all hair masques are created equal, and using ingredients best for curly hair when you’ve got fine tresses will probably result in hair that looks over-conditioned and maybe even a little greasy. 

People with fine hair should look for masques that include almond oil, which adds moisture without weighting hair down and bamboo extract, which strengthens hair. Those with damage from highlights or dry ends should pick masques containing jojoba oil or panthenol. Curly hair, which can sometimes look a bit dull, especially in winter months, is best revived with argan oil that smoothes strands while adding shine. 

Whatever your hair type, adding a bi-monthly (or even weekly) masque to your routine could mean fewer trips to the salon to get the shiny, manageable hair most of us crave. But a word of caution from White: when it comes to hair masques, opt for quality masques straight from your salon. "Over the counter masques won’t do the trick. In fact, they will actually cause build up over time, take the luster away, and even further damage hair. Beware!”

Signatures is located at 803 W McNeese St, Lake Charles. For more information, call 337-478-4433 or see their website,

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