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“Multimasking” is the Hot New Trend in Skincare
2/6/2017 5:11:59 PM

Anyone who’s ever tried on a billion different shades and brands of foundation before finding a perfect match can tell you there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetics. But, weirdly enough, when it comes to skincare, many hope a single mask or treatment will solve all their facial woes.

Multi-masking means applying multiple masks to different areas of the face to spot-treat problems and get that "just back from the spa” glow from the comfort of home. Here are a few of the most common skin problems and the best masks for fixing them.

Problem: Oily T-Zone/Breakouts

People of all ages sometimes succumb to breakouts, especially around the nostrils and on the forehead. If you find yourself battling blackheads or midday shininess, an accumulation of oil on the forehead, nose, and chin is usually to blame. The best masks to take care of blackheads, breakouts and shininess contain zinc and charcoal. Zinc is proven to reduce swelling around inflamed areas, while charcoal is great for absorbing oil. But if you’re only oily in places, it’s best to only apply mud or charcoal masks to affected areas because it could cause dryness in skin that’s normal or already a bit dry.

Problem: Fine Lines and Under Eye Puffiness

Whether it’s lack of sleep, genetics, or simply smiling too much, fine lines around the mouth and eyes and puffiness under the lower eyelids are pretty common. Luckily, the answer could be as easy as taking your vitamins. Eye or lip masks containing 5-10 percent Vitamin C have been shown to temporarily boost collagen, which means fine lines will disappear (for awhile). Vitamin C also calms swelling that comes from staying up too late or overindulging in caffeine.

Problem: Dryness/Redness

Cheeks are often prone to becoming red and flaky in the wintertime, even if the rest of the face is fine. To treat occasional redness, look for a mask with the same ingredients that might cool a sunburn, like aloe and chamomile. Both have soothing and hydrating properties that can add up to a more even skin tone and baby-soft cheeks to boot.

Problem: Flaky Lips

Many of us get parched-looking lips from cold weather or dehydration, and those scaly lips can feel painful when they crack and peel. Picking only intensifies the pain and can leave ugly scars, so next time you’re treating the rest of your face with a pampering mask, why not try a gentle sugar scrub followed by an antioxidant-packed lip mask? Sugar gently buffs away peeling skin, while antioxidants replenish lost moisture. While it may feel a little strange to sit in silence hiding lips under a mask, it’s worth it!

Multi-masking is a new term, but the concept is a popular one among estheticians who do facials for a living. Different skin has different needs, even if sometimes those differences wind up on the same face! Luckily, multi-masking doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many beauty brands sell single use masks targeted to different areas of the face for a fraction of the cost of traditional masks, so why not try a few and indulge in a spa day in the privacy of your own home.

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