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Nifty Accessories Make Holiday Travel Easy
11/1/2016 4:15:19 PM

Between buying the perfect gifts, returning not-so-perfect gifts, basting the turkey and candying the yams, the holidays can seem more like an endurance marathon than a relaxing time to enjoy family. Add travel to the mix, and the holidays seem even more like a race. But packing for holiday travel doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some accessories to simplify shuttling from one city to the next. Plus, they make great gifts for the busy traveller in your life!

Get Organized

With checked baggage fees tacking on an extra twenty-five bucks to the price of airfare, more fliers than ever are opting to stuff carry-ons to the seams rather than pay an extra fee. Savvy travelers know that the trick to getting the most out of minimal carry-on space is smart organization.

One of the best ways for frequent flyers to save money is to invest in reusable travel bottles, like the GoToob. These two-ounce bottles meet TSA guidelines for liquids and can be filled again and again with shampoo and lotion, rather than spending twenty dollars a trip on "travel-sized versions” of things you already have at home or relying on hotel shampoo and lotion, which is often subpar to what you’d normally use.

If your little necessities are always getting lost at the bottom of your suitcase, leaving you scrambling for your pens, cell phone, or even your passport, Grid-It by Cocoon is an inexpensive way to organize. It’s a flat surface with snug elastic strips for keeping important, but tiny, items in place. It’s great for organizing tools or bathroom items, like nail clippers and scissors, even when you’re not traveling.

Stay Rested

One of the true joys of travel is blocking everyone else out and taking a plane or car nap, and while those doughnut shaped neck pillows are readily available at every airport, they’re not always the most comfortable way to sleep. The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow turns a seatbelt into a pillow, and is the next best thing to laying your head on a seatmate’s shoulder.

If noisy planes or loud in-laws keep you awake on trips, it might be nice to fall asleep to ambient sounds or soothing music. Unfortunately, earbuds or headphones don’t really make for comfortable sleeping. Sleep phones headbands are a little pricey, but they lay flat against the head to make for more comfortable sleep that will block out the sounds of the noisy passengers three rows back.


Airports can be difficult places to charge phones, with thousands of travelers fighting for limited wall outlets, and because more people use mobile boarding passes than ever before, a dead phone could become a major hassle. Investing in a portable "juice pack,” which looks like a regular phone case but recharges phones, is a smart investment for any traveler, since a dead phone on a road trip could also mean getting very lost.

If you’ve got a loved one who’s always losing chargers, a charger organizer might help him or her both keep track of chargers and save precious room in a small carry-on.

Holidays can be stressful, but traveling can be much easier with thoughtful planning and the right organizational accessories. And while a portable charger might not be the most exciting stocking stuffer, it might just come in handy on the journey home!

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