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Office to Party in Seconds
11/30/2018 11:09:28 AM
Office to Party

We’ve all been there: the workday ends at 5:00 p.m., and the holiday party begins at 5:30. With no time to run home and change, there seems to be only two options; either dress down for the party in office clothes or spend the workday way too dressed up in party gear. But there are definitely ways to stay comfortable in the office while still looking party-ready. It just takes a bit of planning.

Wear One Piece That’s Party-Ready
Whether you have a dressy top that can still look business casual under a blazer or a party-skirt that is still office appropriate with a button down shirt, the key to dressing for office-to-party is already having part of your outfit on when you leave the house in the morning. A simple silk dress in a solid color (like blue or black) can look just as chic under a blazer as it does with a pair of heels. Try a few pieces in a couple of different ways to decide what might work best for your office and personal style. 

Layer up
To be honest, a big part of office-to-party style involves simply taking off a cardigan or blazer and throwing on a pair of heels. Go for solid colors, like a black or beige cardigan with a satin skirt, for a look that blends in to the office background but shines when the layers come off. 

Swap Handbags
We tend to have weekday handbags that are huge and brimming with our must-haves, like giant wallets, multiple lipsticks, hand sanitizer, etc. Don’t bring that baggage to the party! Invest in a small satin or sequined clutch to streamline your look and add some festive flair. 

Add Some Shimmer 
When it comes to being party-ready, the right jewelry can make your look. Try out some statement pieces, such as big, festive earrings or bold necklaces with a lot of shimmery rhinestones. You can keep your jewelry with you during the day and add it just before the party with a touch of bright lipstick for a totally festive transformation. 

Dressing for the perfect day-to-night look is all about keeping it simple. Look for neutral colors and add one festive fabric, such as a velvet skirt or a satin top, that can go from boardroom to barroom with just a change of accessories.
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