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Pack Your Bag for a Day at the Beach
7/5/2017 10:33:01 AM

Got a day at the beach planned? Start your adventure preparations by packing a beach bag with everything you’ll need to enjoy the surf, sand, and sun.

  • Take into consideration the bag itself. Beach bags come in a variety of styles and materials – the classic straw bag, heavy canvas, sturdy totes, and insulated bags to keep your drinks and snacks cool. Try to find a bag that is waterproof, won’t mind the sand, and is roomy enough to hold all your essentials.
  • Don’t forget the sun block! The SPF of your sunscreen tells you how long it should take before those UVB rays get through and start burning your skin. If your unprotected skin normally starts reddening in 20 minutes, for example, applying SPF 15 should protect you for 15 times longer, or about five hours. SPF 30 should be sufficient for most beach-goers. Apply it 30 minutes before you get out in the sun.
  • wide-brimmed hat will further shield your face and neck, and cut back on the harsh glare.
  • Lips and eyes must also be protected, so pack some lip balm with SPF and sun glasses.
  • Pack a spray bottle filled with mineral water to cool your skin when it becomes dehydrated.
  • Cover-ups dress you in style and add a layer of comfort when you stroll the shoreline, the boardwalk, or head to the beach bar.
  • And you’ll need flip flops for padding through the sand. If the sea floor near the shore is rough and rocky, wear sturdier water sandals.
  • What better way to wile away the hours than by reading a good book?
  • If you enjoy tunes at the beach, pack a waterproof radio.
  • And if, after all that, you still have room in that big beach bag, pack a few fun beach toys – plastic shovel and pail, a water pistol, a frisbee. Even grownups enjoy building sand castles!
  • Even if you have a lounge chair to relax on as you listen to the waves crashing on the shore, you’ll want to have a beach blanket and/or beach towel to stretch out on the warm sand or wrap up in if the breeze is cool.
  • Playing in the water and soaking up the sun can build a mighty thirst and appetite, so pack plenty of water and snacks. Rather than tote a dozen plastic water bottles, try filling a large thermos or liquid-dispensing cooler and refill your reusable water bottle.
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