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Picking the Right Jeans for Your Body Type
6/5/2015 12:06:19 PM


Finding the right pair of jeans can be a real pain. Every season brings a new denim trend: skinny or slouchy, flared or straight legged. The dressing room can be a minefield for women trying to pick a pair that’s flattering for their body types. The key to finding a killer pair of jeans, according to most style experts, is understanding your what looks best on your body and where to go from there. Turns out, you can wear more styles than you think!

Fashion blog says that a great pair of jeans should do three things, no matter your body type: shape your rear end, flatten your tummy, and elongate your leg. However, different styles do different things for each body type, so the trick is finding a style (or several) that does all three things for you.

Bigger Bottom

If your bottom is bigger than your chest, you’ve got a pear shape. You want to stick with styles that have regular sized back pockets that sit right in the center of your seat. High, small pockets will make your backside look bigger. You could try many different styles, from boyfriend to "skinny” jeans, but according to, you should look for a brand that has a higher rise in the back than the front to avoid the dreaded gap in the back of your jeans. Some brands to consider are Seven and James jeans.

Thick Tummy

If your belly is your issue, especially around the lower midsection, Joy of Jeans recommends that you chose a higher rise jean to flatten out problem areas. However, avoid the hipster "mom jean” trend where jeans go higher than the waist. You want to accentuate your natural curves, and ultra high-waisted jeans will just make you appear lumpy down below.


If your hips and bust are roughly the same size, you don’t want to wear baggy jeans that make you appear heavier than you actually are. You were made for straight leg, skinny jeans to exaggerate that hourglass. But if you want to try a boyfriend jean, then style blog says you can wear loose fitting jeans as long as they’re tapered toward the ankle. Cuffing them for summer is always cute.


Jeans can often swallow a smaller frame, and you might find yourself wanting to cuff those off the rack styles. says that rolling up those trousers is a mistake! It’ll only cut you off at the calf and make you look smaller. Instead, find a pair that works according to the above specifications and have them hemmed.

The most important part of buying jeans is to try, try, try. Take ten pairs in ten different styles into the dressing room if you have to and pick the pair that makes you feel good! Being comfortable works for every body type.

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