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Protect Your Skin from Common Facemask Problems
8/1/2020 1:00:00 PM

Protect Skin from Facemask

Wearing a facemask is definitely an adjustment, from getting used to grabbing a mask along with keys and wallet when leaving the house to dealing with the weird stains that come with the territory of wearing a mask all day. Here are some common problems that arise from mask-wearing, as well as a few easy solutions. 

Invest in a good primer and setting spray to avoid makeup stains

The best way to avoid makeup stains on facemasks is, of course, not to wear any foundation around those areas, but if you’re planning on taking your mask off at some point, that’s not exactly an ideal solution. However, the same products meant to keep makeup from smearing under usual conditions are even more crucial to keeping cosmetics in place when wearing a mask. Invest in a good primer and a foundation setting spray to keep makeup in place underneath a mask. It’s also a good idea to keep makeup remover wipes handy, as they can quickly get cosmetics stains off masks before they set. 

Consider a face shield 

If you’re heading somewhere really special, use a plastic face shield to stay safe while keep your makeup unsmudged by fabric. Face shields are just as effective as masks without feeling as restrictive, meaning your full face of makeup can remain untouched. 

Grab a product to tackle sweat stains 

Even if you’re not using cosmetics, summer sweat can unfortunately discolor a facemask. To combat those same yellowish stains that often pop up in the underarm areas of white tee shirts, use an enzymatic stain remover, like those used to remove rust stains. You can scrub the cleaner in as you hand wash your masks or soak them in a solution before running through the wash. 

Keep masks clean 

According to the CDC, facemasks should be washed after every wear. And if you prefer stylish, reusable cloth masks to the standard surgical fare, that means you should probably invest in quite a few. That way, it’s easy to throw masks in with your regular laundry in order to always have a sterilized face covering. Just toss into a lingerie bag so your masks don’t go the way of lost socks. Additionally, a clean mask is less likely to irritate skin and cause breakouts. 

Sooth irritated skin 

Those wearing masks on a day-to-day basis are probably likely to experience at least a little irritation around the covered area. According to dermatologists, the best way to avoid "maskne,” or breakouts caused by facemasks, is to make sure to wash your face before covering it with a clean mask and immediately after wearing your mask. For any skin irritation caused by straps or fabric, keep the area moisturized both before and after wearing a mask. Cleansers containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or elemental sulfur can also help with any new breakouts. 

Even though wearing a mask might lead to some minor inconveniences, those mask-related problems have fairly simple solutions. Protecting your health is paramount, even if mask-wearing takes a bit of getting used to! 

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